20 gallon long

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  1. V

    I'm thinking about getting shrimp

    There are many different types I could get. I've never owned any before. They would have to be compatible with my set up. I have platies in a 20 gallon with sand substrate, live plants, and a HOB filter. I'm afraid the platies could eat shrimp, but their babies swim right in front of them all...
  2. A

    Shell Dweller Tank question

    Hello every first time posting here, I have a question regarding a neolamprologus multifaciatus (multis) shell dweller tank I set up a little over a year ago. I bought a group of 5 multis unsexed from a LFS and put them in a 20 gallon long with 36 escargo shells i bought off amazon. I use...
  3. M

    Mile’s build 20 long thread

    Hi! It’s been a while since I posted, and recently I got a new 20 long. Right now only have some of the stuff, but I’ll be updating this thread as I get more stuff. Right now I have: an aqueon 20 gallon long an aqueon quite flow filter an aqueon 30 inch deluxe hood an Imagitarium Brooklyn 29...
  4. K

    Stocking plans in 20 long

    I have a 20 long with 6 kuhli loaches and 3 pygmy corys (I had 3 more but they died a few months ago and I haven’t had the chance to get more). I was wondering—I’m wanting to possibly get a few more of each and possibly either some small tetras or a pair of bolivian rams. Is this something I...
  5. Waterfins

    Stocking a 20 gallon aquarium

    My boyfriend is planning on setting up a 20 gallon long soon and doesn't really know what he wants in it. So I'm here to ask if anyone knows fish that thrive in a 20 gallon aquarium. Note: The aquarium is NOT set up yet so please don't ask for the PH of my water or something similar to that. I...
  6. L

    Starting New 20 Gallon Long, Need Questions Answered.

    Hello, my name is Liam and I am semi experienced in the fish tank world, as I have a healthy 10 gallon tank with Dwarf Gouramis and White Mountain Minnows. That is a very basic tank that has fake plants and gravel substrate, but I am planning on making a 20 Gallon Long planted tank in the...
  7. JoebW

    20 Gallon ~ Simple And Clean

    Tank: "Simple and Clean" Size: 20 Gallons ~ Long 30 Inches Long x 13 Inches High x 13 Inches Deep Filter: ALEAS Power Filter 30 Gallons Heater: Top Fin Submersible 100W Heater Pump: Aqueon Circulation Pump 500 Light: Single Clamp Lamp Bulb ~ 5000k 23W Fauna: Farlowella x1 Red Wag Platy x 1...