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  1. greenmumma141

    The Magnificent Faukes!

     Well, we all knew it would happen, and it finally has... yesterday I brought home a delta tail betta. His name is Faukes, and he is magnificent!!!      I was currently using my 10g to breed my black venezuelan cories, and then it occured to me, oh my goodness, I could totally put a betta in...
  2. greenmumma141

    New Shrimp Tank :)

    Finally cleaned the dust off of my old 10g tank and started up a little shrimp tank :)  The shrimp just arrived the other day, same day in the video.  This tank is going to get a major re-scape, as it looks a bit silly but for now I can stand it, until I find the perfect piece of hardsape.   You...
  3. greenmumma141

    The Journey To Black Lake....

     I decided to finally set up my old 10 gallon for a heavy planted/shrimp/fry/and maybe eventually betta? tank.         Well, here we go  Please excuse the traffic cones and toy rockets in the background, my son just had his 4th bday party and we're still in post party shock lol.... and if you...