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    Can somebody settle my argument

    Couple weeks, I've been attempting to breed a mermaid for my pal Eric...
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    massive algae bloom

    Shrimp won't eat cynobacteria and they won't eat algae off glass. I'd get the cynobacteria under control before adding fish. Cyno bacteria can be toxic to living organisms.
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    Best way to raise hardness

    I have RO water and I remineralize it with magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride. Calcium chloride can be purchased at pool stores in 5 pound buckets for about 10$ You want to mix the mag sulfate and calcium separately as they will bond and be difficult to dissolve. As mentioned gypsum salt...
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    Can somebody settle my argument

    So I learned today from this that, homo sapiens( humans) cannot interbreed with salmo salzar( salmon) I learn the most interesting things on this board;)
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    massive algae bloom

    Yes. Cynobacteria can deplete oxygen levels in water killing fish and plants
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    Oscar not eating pellets

    I've found that Oscars do better eating small children, cheeseburgers, and wild boar;)
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    Can somebody settle my argument

    Electric blue Acara are the cheeseburgers of the fish world :)
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    Considering Cichlids for the first time

    Malawi are strong swimmers and fish with long bodies need length over height. Deep bodied fish like gold fish angels discus require height more than length. Also confused about the mention of plants. If one is planning on keeping malawi with plants there are few they won't uproot or eat. The...
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    Can somebody settle my argument

    I don't think anything has suggested that they can't be found in the wild I think the cites have said they are not "naturally occurring" fish in the wild ,that they are engineered by man. Maybe your fish were wild caught doesn't mean they were naturally occurring. If I walked into the Amazon...
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    Stumped as to problem (resolved)

    I have no idea what's going on with your fish though a few observations. I've never seen or heard of anyone successfully keeping fish in a plastic tote for an extended amount of time, if so the plastic should be good safe which most industrial storage totes are not. Secondly the desk lamp above...
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    massive algae bloom

    I agree with those that think this is slime algae or cyanobacteria. If so scrape what you can off and remove. Then large water change, including clean filter, Including tubing. Decrease temp increase water flow, if fertilizing stop and blackout the tank for a few days, lights off, towel over...
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    Plant leaves transparent

    Leave the brown leaves on your swords. They are one of the few plants that store nutrients in those dying leaves an transfer them to the growth of new leaves. As for the rest plants need about 17 different nutrients if they are deficient in one they won't grow. Plant absorb nutrients two ways...
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    need opinions on fish stocking

    I'd fill out your penguin and emperor tetra shoals to 6 or more and leave it at that. If wanting to add bottom as mentioned pygmy Corys do well in big groups and won't take up a ton of room.
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    What are your favorite cichlids

    My Bolivian Ram says to say Bolivian Ram
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    How do I get ahead of a ramshorn snail problem??

    Funny that you say you don't want any snails and dislike them and one of your first suggestions of getting rid of snails is buying snails to eat the snails Snails are a natural part of aquatic habitat. Ramshorn are excellent algae and detritus eaters assassin snails eat snails and zero algae...