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    Plant Algae

    Algae growth anywhere is always an imbalance of light and nutrients, too much light not enough nutrients or too many nutrients not enough light. Tom Barr concluded that the two nutrients that are most responsible for algae is ammonia and C02. I see that you have CO2 if one doesn't have red...
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    Over the back or canister filter?

    While light does shine for 12 hours a day the intensity that light shines is different throughout the day. Most aquarium lights run at about 6500K, which is considered natural daylight. Problem is plants in nature don't get light at 6500k all 12 hours as 6500 K is usually noon time. Before and...
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    Pimelodus pictus

    pictud get big are active swimmers and eat anything they can get their mouth around on the bottom of the tank which also leads to being messy fish. They also do better in groups so large tank is a must. I wouldn't go any smaller than a 75 for pictus,they not only get around 6 inches each but are...
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    Over the back or canister filter?

    I prefer HOB filter, they are easier to clean,I've had a canister filter and it was ok more expensive then a HOB and it broke,I've had HOB filters last for decades. Having said that changing filters isn't going to effect algae much. Algae is always from an imbalance if nutrients and light. Too...
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    New tank plan -> feedback and advice appreciated!!

    Interesting that you are wary of using black diamond blasting sand because it's " not meant for aquariums" play sand is meant for sand boxes, pool filter sand is meant for swimming pools. Aquarium gravel " meant for" aquariums is probably the least suitable substrate for aquariums as the paint...
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    What Got ya Started in the hobby?

    Awesome story. When I was about 8 my dentist had a fish tank like most do and the bank id go to with my mom had one and I'd always park my face in front of it. That year for my birthday I got a fish tank a 20 gallon, it was a mess as my parents knew nothing about fish I had it til I was maybe 12...
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    All natural aquarium with homemade aqua soil.

    That's awesome! I did enjoy dirting a tank it was fun and the way you are doing yours sounds quite extensive, if I ever get the hankering to do a dirt tank again maybe I'll hit you up and ask some ?s
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    Another Byron Update...

    Byron get better soon, I need someone to argue with me about black diamond sand with corydoras,;)
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    Cory Cat substrate

    Black diamond blasting sand is about 10 dollars for 50 pounds If that doesn't work you may be able to get the darker play sand.
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    All natural aquarium with homemade aqua soil.

    Or I could just get an inert substrate and use root tabs and save my self the trouble. The point of a substrate in a planted tank is to be able to grow plants. Now if the point is to have a dirted tank for the sake of having a dirted tank then great I guess. I've found that all my plants grow...
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    Who’s the culprit

    A pleco might munch on a dead fish but not attack one. Even if the Acara didn't attack the corydora, corydora are peaceful shy fish and Acara are semi to aggressive cichlids that would at minimum stress out a corydora. Having said that a plecos nor any fish would be able to eat all of a cory...
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    All natural aquarium with homemade aqua soil.

    Had a dirtrd tank once, followed the walstad method, was great for growing plants but leeched a ton of organics in the tank and takes a while for it to clear up and become stable for fish. Once stable don't ever try and move a plant as it will cause a huge mess. Having said that like any live...
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    Who’s the culprit

    Seeing as Acara are cichlids are territorial and can be aggressive it could be them. Most geophagus aren't aggressive or nippy though geophagus and corydora occupy the same area of the tank as both are bottom dwelling and sift through sand Columbian tetra while can be nippy and boisterous to...
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    Vallisneria and soft water

    Flourish root tabs make a comprehensive root tabs which has calcium in it among many other nutrients, which Val's love. Val's are heavy root feeders