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    Finding the Right Algae Eater

    Personally, I think the best way to deal with algae is to stop what's caused it to appear in the first place. There's obviously something causing it, so put that right, don't buy more livestock.
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    Automatic fish feeders

    Agree with Colin. They'll be fine. Automatic feeders have a nasty habit of going wrong, dumping all the food in at once, causing a lot of rotten food, which then causes an ammonia spike.
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    Platy pregnant

    To expand on my previous answer a bit, if you do wish to keep the fry, then think again. Platys give birth to upwards of 30 (and most often MANY more than that) every 4-6 weeks. Even when they're not sharing a tank with a male, they can store sperm packets to generate further fry drops for...
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    Platy pregnant

    Hi Matt, I'm not going to bother looking at the photos, yes your females are gravid. They are in the same tank as a male, and they breed like rabbits. Let nature take its course, let the fish eat the fry, and you might not be overcrowded in 6 months time.
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    How to delete your account?

    The ol' memory cells are still just about functioning. Hope you're well, Chad.
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    How to delete your account?

    Back in the days when I was a mod, we didn't delete accounts, the reason being that it would make nonsense of threads you had contributed to. However, that was in the days before GDPR, and you now have a right to have websites "forget" you. I would suspect that moderators do not have the...
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    Sterba Cory group slowly dying

    pH is a little high, really, but you are quite right, a stable pH is far better than trying to artificially control it, with consequent fluctuations.
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    How long have you been a member on the forums?

    I joined 11 years ago, went inactive for about 3 or 4 years
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    guppies dying

    Fair point.
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    Dead Fish

    Your biggest indicator of an ammonia spike is fish dying, tbf. You don't have an ammonia kit, none of the strip tests have them on, AFAIA. Most LFS will have a chemical test kit for ammonia, as do Amazon.
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    Dead Fish

    I think you've probably added too many fish at once, into too small a tank. Rule of thumb is to increase the bioload by no more than 30%, and you've pretty much doubled it and I suspect caused an ammonia spike. I'd be interested to know an ammonia figure, as that would prove or disprove my...
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    guppies dying

    Doesn't sound like water quality issues, though you've got quite a lot of fish in a 10gallon tank there - I don't see why it would just be the guppies that are going, and not the other species.
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    guppies dying

    No nitrate? I would expect to see a reading for nitrate. How long has the tank been set up, and how did you cycle it?
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    Is my Mickey Mouse Platy Pregnant?

    Female platies are able to store sperm packets from males, and use them to keep reproducing for around 6 months.
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    Help/advice needed

    Nitrate and nitrite are fine. We don't know about ammonia, you don't currently have an ammonia test.