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    Amazon Swords Turning Brown

    dosing liquid carbon can sometimes cause vals to die off
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    Help! With Light Bulbs!

    jewel lighting isnt standard size you will need to buy jewel compatable tubes
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    How Would People Rate My Lighting?

    if its only your carpeting plants that are not doing well i would say that is a flow problem not a lighting problem
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    Aquascaping Ideas

    i would take the lead weights of the plants  and remove the foam  then space the plants out a bit more it will fill your tank out a bit more at the back
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    Co2 Fire Extinguishers - Empty

     condition:good condition Quantity for sale:2 Reason for Sale:no longer needed Delivery or Collection:collection only Sales price:free Willing to Ship (Yes or No):no Location: leeds ls25     i have 2x empty 2kg co2 fire extinguishers that are free to anyone who is willing to collect them both on...
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    Brown Algae Forming In Tank

    looks like brown diatoms it will go by itself after a few weeks fairly common in new tanks
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    What Led?

    that lighting is for marine tanks you need led lighting that is for fresh water .
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    My New Aquarium

    thought so i have the same one and its always sliding down the glass and sticking in the gravel
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    My New Aquarium

    nice looking tank but is there a reason you have your thermometer stuck in the substrate ?
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    August 2014 - Tank Of The Month Winner

    the tank is 240 ltr lighting is 2 39w t5ho tubes co2 7kg bottle running at 1bps through atomiser plants are 3 amazon swords 2 enchinodorus red devil java moss 10 cryptocoryne beckettii "petchii" java fern windelov fern java fern some form of valls not sure what type
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    My Co2 Is Apparently Too High

    do you have a filter in the tank ? is there any flow / circulation ? bba is caused by poor flow and fluctuating co2
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    August 2014 - Tank Of The Month Winner

    thanks everyone  i do have fish in there they are camera shy . i have about 8 cardinal tetras,5 green neon tetras, 6 bleeding heart tetras and loads of cherry shrimp.
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    September 2014 - Tank Of The Month Comp Entries

    i think you need to split this competition into planted and non planted tanks