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    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

    Picked up a feather duster today! Pictures to follow.
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    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

    Water cleared up today and everything was peeking it's heads out, so here's an album.
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    Free Peacock Gudgeons In The Boston, Ma (Usa) Area

    I am in AL, happy to pay shipping costs if you change your mind!
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    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

    Here is a pretty sub par picture:       Need to work out how to deal with all the blue!   Stocking is now:   1 Mandarin Goby 1 Banded Coral Shrimp 1 Red Sea Star 2-3 Blue Legged Hermits 1 Black Margarita Snail 1 Cerith Snail   Kenya Trees Trumpet Coral Green Star Polyp Xenia  Dragon Eye...
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    Mini Reef Tank Help

      I would advise against continuing down this path until you've done a lot more research.   Nano reefs are challenging and time consuming. While some clowns can fit in a 10, it's a techy subject and generally not recommended. 2 is a definite no. Not sure what a neon pineapple tree coral is but...
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    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

    The Chi continues on! It's growing and has a lot more corals now and EVEN a dreaded Mandarin Goby.. Who's been alive for.. 4-5 months now? In my tank.    Pics to come later, just reorganized and waiting for everything to clear up.
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    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

      :D I was hoping so, someone else had suggested that they might be copepods to me as well earlier. Awesome news! 
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    Getting Started On A 5G Nano Reef In A Fluval Chi

    Thanks Ryan, It's going really well, you can check out my journal on the tank here:
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    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

    A bit of a frustrating day.. my rocks are getting Dust Algae I believe, so I'm lowering the light cycle by a couple hours.    ^^ lovely green stuff. I actually dont mind the amount there now, but don't want more of it.   And.. unfortunately I think I've had a casualty in the Clean up Crew.  ...
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    Brillys 48 X 18 X 24 Reef

    Brilly, did you remove your kenya tree from it's plug? How?
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    Donya's 55-Gallon

    Donya I've read through your entire thread and it's incredible. Love your tank
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    Samb's 5G Fluval Chi Reef

    Would love any tips from experienced saltwater keepers etc. I am very very new at this and stumbling my way through.   There is the "biggest saltwater store in Alabama" an hours drive away that I am hoping to check out this Saturday.. exciting news indeed..
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    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 2

    Cold showers.. brr
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    6 Dead Neons In Three Days

    Guppyguy1234 - can we have some more information on this tank? Size, tank mates, last water change, water test results?
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    Supraman's 237 Gal Build

    Excited to see more Supra! Looking good :D