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    780 Litre Tank

    Hi All,   So a quick update on becoming a new dad again! All the fry are doing great in the grow out tank, 2 days in and no losses yet. Mum is looking fab, she is back in peak form, colour is back to normal bright yellow and she is relaxed. I will post some pictures tonight when I get home form...
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    780 Litre Tank

    Hi everyone,   After mt last sad post, I am happy to be making a happy post. One of my yellow labs decided today was the day and released her fry. It all started last night when she came to the front corner of the tank basically where I sit (me on the outside of course) and she started spitting...
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    My Ich Treatment - High Heat Saltwater 29G Tank

    Following this, I have been lucky so far (touch wood) that I have not had an outbreak. I will definitely gain some learning from this topic.   Richard.
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    Cichlid-Proof Plants?

    Agreed, that is spot on, you can do some wonderful looking things with hard scaping and if you are looking to do it for your own viewing pleasure, please remember that cichlids are some of the most stunning freshwater fish around. Is it not better to see them fully?
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    Where Have All The Hedgerows Gone - 30 Litre Opti-White

    I wish I had the patience, knowledge and skill to put something like this together. It is just WOW. Thank you for sharing.
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    780 Litre Tank

    Good morning everyone,   A sad day today, as some of you know my BN ancistrus was becoming more and more active, he was waiting for food at dinner time and very confident. It appears he got too confident as I found him on the outside the tank. Somehow he decided to make a leap of faith from...
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    New To Tff, Here To Learn How To Stopping Killing Fish

    Hi and welcome,     I feel for you, this must be torturous. You definitely came to the right place whilst I may offer one little piece of advice the others on here are damned good and will help you get it sorted. The only small piece that I can see right now (and this maybe wrong) is I think the...
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    22 Litre Nano Tank Surprise For 21St!

    Far_king, what is the reason for the moss balls in with the betta, does it add some value? Sorry for the hijack, i have 2 betta tanks and never thought about moss balls. Richard.
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    780 Litre Tank

    Thanks jag, i think i can manage the food bill. If not, well the wife will have to go hungry, she did say to me at the beginning if I am going to do it i need to do it properly so she will understand.. But seriously, these fish are so interactive, it is almost as if they want to speak with me...
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    780 Litre Tank

    Hi Everyone,   Well the electric yellow babies are out  First mouth brooders born in my tank. Feel very happy and almost proud. This tank has been challenging from the moment I saw it. I am really looking forward to watching all these fish mature and hopefully have many more fry.    I will try...
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    Diy Spray Bar To Reduce Flow Rate?

    I cannot remember where I read but if you are up for a little DIY then you can enlarge the holes in the spray will reduce the force that the water is ejected out. At the moment it is being sprayed ,with larger holes it will start to reduce the flow. Another possibility to assist it take the end...
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    780 Litre Tank

    Hi hobby5,   My local LFS takes all my live bearer fry (grown-out) and has already agreed to take the cichlids when they are about 1". I get credits back for food or whatever else i need from the shop. I guess it will be survival of the fittest and the surplus are passed onto the LFS.    Wishing...
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    Pump Expert Needed, For Water Change

    Hi Clivealive,   For emptying the tank just simply use gravity, get it started and watch it go, if we are talking the height difference over ground and first floor then we are looking at at least 3metres drop. It will be as quick as the diameter of the pipe you are using. Now for pumping water...
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    Is She Pregnant?

    Hi AmtotheBurr,   I can only comment on a recent experience when I bought a female Betta for my daughter. In the shop I had a choice of 2 female fish and the owner pointed out to me that one was loaded with eggs and ready to breed, this was the very reason we were buying the female as we have a...
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    New Tank Help Please

    Hi and welcome,   Perhaps one of the most important things is what you have in your imagination.   What kind of fish would you like? Small, large, slow, fast, plants, no plants.   It is going to be yours to admire and look after. Everyone here can give you advice as to what and how many but it...