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    95 Litre/ 25 Gallon Community Tank Overstocked?!

    The 1" per gallon rule is not a rule but a guideline. This is the same as 1cm per 2 litres, neither take into account oxygen transfer into the water nor the swimming space available.
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    95 Litre/ 25 Gallon Community Tank Overstocked?!

    Sparkling Gourami's are about the same size as many of the shoaling fish so 1 would get lost in a large tank.
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    Sarasa Comet Getting Sick?

    It may be ammonia poisoning. You need to change water with dechlorinator to remove the ammonia, small amounts of ammonia are toxic.
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    Dilemma With New Ottos

    If you still want the photos of mine I'll try and get them for you. They are still in hiding though.
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    October Pet Of The Month Competition Entries

    If sulkyboy behaves I may have an entrant for this month's comp. If sulkyboy remains sulking or otherwise one of the not sulking pigs will be.
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    Dilemma With New Ottos

    It's entirely possible you had 2 different species - I know I have Anyway I'll try and get a pic of mine for you. One is always hiding and the other two weren't out today. It'll be at least tommorow evening though.
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    P@h On Watchdog Next Week

    They mentioned that it wasn't one store - something like "7 out of 8 shops we visited had dead fish"
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    Nutrafin Aqua Plus Ruining Cycle?

    No. The bacteria can use either Ammonium (NH4+) or plain ammonia (NH3). It is good to know the pH of your water as well. Lower pH's can slow down or stall the cycle. Test water out your tap for this as the tank water pH will be increased as Ammonia/Ammonium raises pH.
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    Nitrite Level

    When do you do the water test? after so many days or immediately?
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    Nitrite Level

    Test what is coming out of your tap. Your tap water may contain nitrite.
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    Honey, Blue Or Flame Dwarf Gourami

    Honey Gourami have the advantage that they appear to be immune to Dwarf Gourami disease. I like the look of both and my own research suggests that Honey may be easier to care for.
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    Apisto Cacatoudies Fry

    This brood are missing/dead. It has been a learning curve BUT it means that next time I have some idea about what to do and signs that they have been breeding before I get to the what am I doing?! stage. And I have BBS on order ready for next time.
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    Fin Rot

    1. A 5 gallon is going to be cramped to move your fish. Especially if the are going to be in their for more than an hour. 2. Finrot causes include poor water quality
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    Apisto Cacatoudies Fry

    I've not had mine for very long. On Friday last week I was greeted with 2 females having spawned. removed one set of eggs to a seperate tank. These went fungal. Today I woke up and found Mama outside her Cave with 10-15 babies. She has gone back in there while I was out. I know if any...
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    How Much For A Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid?

    I paid sligtly more for mine.