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    Replacing Filter Cartridge That's Falling Apart

    So here's the deal, established tank for over 13 months now and I have a Penguin Biowheel filter that can hold two cartridges. One of the cartridges is literally falling apart after washing and cleaning it after most water changes. I t really restricts my water flow with me running co2 on a...
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    Mixing Substrate

    Have an established tank for about a year now and too many plants to name but here I go   Cardamine Lyrata Valisneria (Jungle and Italian) Tiger Lotus Banana Plant Anarchis Hornwort Argentenian Sword Broad Leaf Ludwigia Some Dwarf Hairgrass Java Moss   I've kept all these plants successfully for...
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    Regulator And Fe?

    What is the cheapest regulator preferably under $50 I can find for a pressurized CO2 FE unit? Does it fit most extinguishers? I'm aware of the risks of using pressurized co2 I'm wondering what my best options are. I live in the U.S are there any I can find on Amazon or even hardware stores like...
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    Pearling on amazon swords was pretty excited. Installed 48W T5 fixture days prior. Check it out and feel free to see the rest of my vids as well.
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    Lighting And Co 2

    Stick to T5 bulbs. I recommend looking at the Aqualife T5 HO light fixtures online. There are single, dual, and quad versions of it and should fit any tank depending on the length. The quad versions also include a built in timer and usually 3 6K daylight bulbs and 1 pink roseatte (pink) bulb for...
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    Plants For Wood/rock ?

    African fern, riccia, and you can even stuff dwarf baby tears in the cracks of your wood. Good luck.
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    How Long Before I See Some Results?

    5 bubbles a minute? Ideally there should be one bubble every 1-2 seconds. At 5 bubbles a minute you are better off just dosing a carbon supplement for the plants like Flourish excel or something. The most important thing is being consistent with your CO2 output.
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    Upgrade Lighting?

    What plants do you have? Some plants need more light than other with moderate light being 2W for every tank gallon and 3-4W/G being high light.
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    T8S To T5S

    Thanks, I probably do 8 algae shouldn't be a problem as I have a BN pleco and never had problem with algae before.
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    T8S To T5S

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    Java Fern Plantlets

    You can wait for them to get a little bigger so it's easier to attach to something if you're using string.
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    T8S To T5S

    Well I've had my 15W T8 single bulb over my 25G for about 5 years now but I've recently started to get a more planted aquarium and I know that a single 15W T8 won't cut it on a 25G. I recently ordered a AquaticLife T5 HO Dual Lamp Light Fixture for a 24" long tank. Tank dimensions are 24x12x18...
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    How Do You Clear Up A Bactiria Bloom?

    Water changes won't do much since the bacteria will continue to multiply rapidly. I'm guessing you have fish in the tank so increase aeration by adding an air stone or just moving your filter up a little so it creates a bigger splash. You need to do this since bacteria blooms deplete oxygen in...
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    Dirt In Planted Tanks

    I watch Dustin too and really made me more interested in the planted aspect of tanks even though I don;t use dirt, only CO2 and flourish tabs.
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    Background Plants ?

    Amazons work well, you can try Wisteria as well, they are pretty hardy and take nutrients from the water and not the roots so if you dose fertilizer it will do great and grow big and bushy. Also are you sure your Vals didn't just melt off in a new aquarium? They need some time to get used to...