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    Essay on bettas.

    We’ll done, it feels a bit miserable pointing out such small errors in such a good piece of writing - but I want you to get maximum marks 🙂
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    Essay on bettas.

    @DragonScales+Doubletails A very good piece, well done. As you are handing this in to be marked (graded?) I’ll just say that you haven’t used a capital B every time you’ve written Betta. I’d hate you to lose marks for that. It‘s a good, lively read, let us know what your teacher thinks of it!
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    Deep scratch on aquarium

    Men and measurements 😂
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    New tank advice

    I thought it was referring to the man (?) on the packet…🤔
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    Opinions on these tanks please I bought a plain “box” aquarium from this company. I can’t explain why it is so beautiful and such a different quality from the Super Fish tank, but you can see the quality difference (I’m almost embarrassed to be admitting this) !! Although the tank quality is...
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    Betta over ate what do I do

    and a bottom feeder of unknown species…
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    Opinions on these tanks please

    I had the super fish home 30, which I bought from Maidenhead aquatics as I thought this would be a good all in one, starter set. The lights we ok for ‘easy’ care plants, but the tank as a whole was very plastic-y and you lose a lot of the water space and visibility in the tank but the siliconed...
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    Getting Rid of Reef Supplies

    Oh Jan, what a sad read… Its very difficult to advise on the change of housing when there are so many financial factors that are unknown (please don’t post any specific replies to the money questions). How does the cost of retirement living compare to where you are now? Do you have someone in...
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    What device do you use to access our site?

    iPad…the phones too small for me to see 😂
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Over Stocking tank

    Like @Colin_T 😂
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    Sometimes Google is Great

    I watch TV with Google open, I find out actors names, what else they’ve been in, look up things that get mentioned, recently I learnt how to change a fluorescent lighting tube and starter motor……I sometimes wonder how we ever managed before the internet and Google.