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    Disinfecting driftwood

    I boiled my driftwood for several hours then left it sit in water overnight and it still released a lot of tannins. Boiled it a few more hours next night, dumping out the stained water and replacing it with clean water periodically. When I put it in my tank afterward the tannins were no longer...
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    AquaBarb - February 2022 Tank of the Month Winner (31G & larger)

    Wow! Just Wow! Truly amazing tank.
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    Forgot to unplug filter during water change

    What kind of filter is it, and is it pumping water?
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    My neighbors are complaining about noise from the Tidal filters

    I have 2 Tidals, a 35 and a 55, and they are both very silent. However, they both have a wavy line on the front of the pump housing that says "Min. Water Level". If the tank's water level drops below that level for any reason, like doing a partial water change without shutting the filter off...
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    Finally upgrading my all plastic tank to all natural!

    That was a good price on those Amazon Swords, and that's one of my favorite plants. It's a beautiful plant.
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    zaqxswcde - August 2022 Fish of the Month Winner (Plecos)

    Congrats zaqxswcde, that tiger is a real beauty!
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    Starting up my small aquatic plant business, this is the journal.

    Oh no! :( I was going to congratulate her and wish her luck with her new venture and see how it was coming along. Sorry to hear that.
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    I would like to introduce myself!

    I lost my sister to dementia so I know how difficult dementia can be. Anyway good luck with all the fish! :)
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    I would like to introduce myself!

    Hi! And Welcome! WOW!!! A 10, 20, 30 and 55 is a lot of fish tanks! That has to keep you busy! :lol:
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    Vote Now! - August 2022 Fish of the Month Contest (Plecos)

    This young entry goes by the name of Mikey. I've only had Mikey about a month or so and he's still pretty young so he's not very big , and fortunately the Bristlenose Plecs do not grow as big as many of the other Plecos. Because of his youth I'm not sure if he's a he or a she. He's an albino...
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    What's your favourite Cory?

    Wow! I've never even seen a longfin Cory! I'll bet those are really cool!
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    Thanks Coryking, I'll keep that in mind for future reference.
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    Hi Coryking! I love Corys! I have 3, an albino, a Panda, and a Julii and they're a lot fun to watch. Great to have a Cory expert on the forum!
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    Nitrites not going down.

    Glad to hear it's 10 and not 100! :) Just a word of encouragement, since the ammonia has already hit 0, you're getting there! The last tank I cycled with fish in took 1 month for the ammonia to zero out and another month to zero out the nitrites. Keep up the water changes and Prime. Prime does...