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    High Nitrate levels

    thank you so much your advice is much appreciated
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    My plants are dying.

    according to the pic you posted your plants dont look like they dying. there is some algae, my plants also get algae(I have some ottocinclus catfish(very small) to assist with this, they eat the algae off my Anubias leaves) you could prune the dead leaves or the ones with lots of algae. My...
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    High Nitrate levels

    First fish are looking great, they are healthy, by all accounts. No illness or fatalities so far. They swim around happily. I have been running this tank for 2yrs, and recently bought a N03 test kit. I have a 120litre Juwel The results are that Nitrates are 100mg/l no matter what I do ...
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    The new additions

    wow, beautiful...I have 13 bronze Cory's, started with 3, they laid eggs on an Anubias plant leaf, I transplanted the leaf into a small breeding tank....they hatched:banana: Out of the batch, only 10 have survived to adulthood.... but what an awesome little cat fish.
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    keeping the common pleco in a smaller tank

    Thank you so much for all your replies. I spoke to the original pet store owner, and he agreed to re-home Mr Pleco for me. I took him there immediatley, (this morning) He was put into a much larger tank with one other fish. A huge weight has been lifted, I feel he now has a chance at a better...
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    keeping the common pleco in a smaller tank

    I had no idea their organs keep on growing:crazy: Do you know where can I get all the latest and most accurate information about Plecos? I am looking into getting another tank, just for Pleco hope its not too late
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    keeping the common pleco in a smaller tank

    I feel terrible.... I dont have a bigger tank.... I will have to look around for a larger tank Feel terrible for Mr Pleco.....:-(
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    Good tankmates?

    Hi There I have had 7 black neons in my 15gallon fluval tank for two years now, and they are super healthy . They school together nicely! they share this small tank with a green barb, two Columbian tetras and seven bronze Cory's I cant comment on the betta , as I have never had one. I make...
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    keeping the common pleco in a smaller tank

    Hi to all pleco enthusiasts I have had a common Pleco in my 120litre or 31gallon tank for 6yrs already. I bought him as a baby, and believed the bad advice from the shop owner, that he will suit my tank size. My pleco has not grown to the size that I have read bout in most common information...
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    Warning about Fluval 60L 7000K LED

    I bought the same Fluval about a year ago, and yes the touch light is an issue, I thought it was awesome at first, but then also realised I cant put a timer on the light. We oftern have power outages in my country, and if the light is plugged in(even if I have touched it off) and the power...
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    Fishkeepers Anxiety!

    I totally relate to your anxiety, I have the same with my two tanks. I think of them as aquatic beings, not just fish. I feel very responsible for my water babies. I try to manage my anxiety by having an aquatic diary, where I log all the maintenance and water quality and fish condition , even...
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    Bloated Female Pearl Gourami filled with fluid

    My female pearl gourami had been bloated for several weeks, eventually she looked like a bobbing balloon. I tried all the advice I read about on the forums and further internet searching, but noting helped. Unfortunately she died ... I decided to have a look inside her balloon belly, to see what...
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    strange substance in tank

    welcome to the fantastic hobby of fish will have loads of enjoyment! I would remove those white flakes, Do a water change check your temp and filter, make sure everything is till working fine, and start using "Seachems Stability" , in all my over 20years of fish keeping I have...
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    Fat bloated gourami need info

    My Gourami is exactly the same at the moment, she has blown up like a ballon. I have tried salt baths, water changes, and paraguard medication, but nothing has worked! how is your Gourami doing?