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    Betta ID?

    What Betta is this? It was sold as a halfmoon but it doesnt look like a halfmoon to me, possibly a veiltail or a delta?
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    Female bettas..

    Can female bettas live alongside other fish (eg Guppies?). I've heard they can live in groups of female bettas, but don't know about living with other fish.
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    Unwell platy fish

    How many fish are in the tank? How big is the tank? What are the water parameters of the tank? Did you cycle the tank before you introduced the fish?
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    Welcome to the forum! Beautiful tank you have, I love guppies o_O
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    Beautiful betta! Welcome to the forum!
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    New member

    Welcome. Nice sized tanks you have!
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    Odd issue with betta!

    What are the water parameters and the size of the tank? Have you added anything new into the tank or fed your fish anything different?
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    Pleco Fry

    Caught some hatching today
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    Word Association Game

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    Red Platey Acting weird

    What are the water parameters of the tank? How big is the tank? What other fish is he with?
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    Word Association Game

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    Pleco Fry

    Thought some of you may be interested in the fact that I just found another (at least) 14 eggs! Its hard to see in the photo but I counted 14 eggs with possibly more underneath the male
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    Brine Shrimp as food

    I'm considering making a brine shrimp hatchery to raise brine shrimp and feed them to my fish, but I don't know anything about hatching them, raising them, tanks suited to them, etc. If anyone has any knowledge on brine shrimp, please shed some light about it to me!
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game