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    Fish ID

    Last two pics could be Corydoras leucomelas?
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    unidentified catfish species

    Hi. This isn't a catfish, but what's sold as a 'Algae Eater' - it's actually a species of loach (possibly Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) HTH Martin
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    What Cory is this?

    I'd say this is Corydoras venezuelanus
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    20KG Bag Alfa-Grog - FREE

    Now taken. please mark thread as sold/delete as appropriate.
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    20KG Bag Alfa-Grog - FREE

    Still available, will PM you now
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    20KG Bag Alfa-Grog - FREE

    Bough this to use in a sump, am not sure if I ever used it or if it's new, but been outside in the garden and so will need a rinse. Moving home, seems a shame to dump it, so if anyone needs it for biological media for a sump/pond filter, please let me know and we can arrange collection...
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    2 X Led Strips + Reptiles-Ink 2 Channel Led Controller

    Condition: As new (except missing power supply) Reason for Sale: Not used/required Delivery or Collection: Either Delivered Price: £20   Collection price: £15 Location: Redhill, Surrey   Two channel LED controller with two flexible LED strips (both 5' long). The unit is a Reptiles-Ink LED...
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    Catfish Id

    I would agree on the hybrid, maybe Leiarius x Pseudoplatystoma? Snout appears too short for Pseudoplatystoma, but too long for Leiarius. Barbels are not Leiarius either, way too short. Either way it's still got some growing to do! Anyway, for reference, it's definitely not from Vietnam! On the...
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    Giant Vallis- 5 Plants, Ashford Kent.

    I'd like 5 for £5 please, PM me details. Thanks Martin
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    Giant Vallis- 5 Plants, Ashford Kent.

    Hi Are these still available? Thanks Martin
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    Discus, Wild Altum Angels & Catfish

    Here you go. The two wild altums: Thanks Martin
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    Discus, Wild Altum Angels & Catfish

    Hi   Will get them tomorrow and post them here. Sorry I haven't replied sooner - I don't seem to get emails to say I've had replies.   The other fish, with the exception of the trio of Trachelyopterichthys taeniatus are now sold.   Thanks Martin
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    Discus, Wild Altum Angels & Catfish

    Discus now sold.
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    Discus, Wild Altum Angels & Catfish

    Livestock: Age and condition: Various Quantity for sale: 11 Reason for Sale: Downsizing Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: Various (See Below) Willing to Ship (Yes or No): No Postage & Packaging Price: N/A Location: Redhill, Surrey Photograph: To Follow   I've decided to downsize...
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    What Kind Of Pleco Is This?

    Looks like it could be Dekeyseria brachyura?