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  • wow thats a fair few views and replies. PARC looks good. its nice to have all the usefull stuff in one place. i'd imagine newbies find it very useful.
    Hey Jimbooo. 60760 views on your topic like about 253 actual replies. I'm glad to have you back... How do you like PARC?
    Hi llj,
    long time no speak. I tried emailing you but it bounced back as a delivery failure.
    im planning on being back online more from now on, seems a few of the old school members are still around along with many new ones.
    Out of curiosity can you see how many vies my riccia thread has had now? as its in a subforum i cant see the view count. its been a few years sin...
    That's so amazing.. just randomly looking at people's profiles, and I see yours... gah..
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