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    My New Lil Guy!

    he is cute.. be careful though one of my boys ate 2 platys yesterday and they werent tiny...he has been moved now
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    Betta Fish Is Sick! Please Help 911

    hi have you googled "columnaris" it looks a bit like that but unsure. good luck
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    Anyone Here Kept Bettas In Really Hard Water?

    Our water is hard. I have lost lots of bettas over the year but (touch wood please) since using Intepet Bio Active Tap safe (with aloe vera) at every water change and also for sick fish I have had no losses. Got about 12 or 13 bettas at the moment.
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    Goldfish Bullying

    are you sure the one who is being bullied isnt coming down with some illness? often when other fish bully one it is because the sick fish is losing his slime coat and they are feeding of it. I have just had to take one of my fish out of the tank he has been quiet but the 2 others had him pinned...
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    My Boss Found A Pond In The Back Garden Of His New House ... With Fish

    Hiya, how exciting. It could quite well be that if the pond was left unattended it has thrived! It would revert to a pond like you find near a river. You would get insects in the water for the fish to eat, and the weeds would grow. Really need to know size of pond and what the water is like. My...
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    New Tank Set Up For A Siamese Ff

    sounds like a good set up, but a lot depends on the individual fighters personality. Some of them are really loners, also the airstone could upset them as well..
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    Help For Goldie Please

    I rescued him in the winter from my daughter in law as her young son kept banging the tank and in the end broke it. He is due to go in my pond but not with spots on him. Thanks anyway
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    Help For Goldie Please

    Size of aquarium/pond - 2 gallon tank Types of fish - 1 goldfish Number of fish and sizes - 1 goldie 4 years old Filtration used and how do you clean it and how often - half water change every week just air stone How much in the way of water changes and how often -- Do you dechlorinate - yes...
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    New Boy Update!

    he has coloured up nicely and has made a little bubble nest, doesnt want to flare though. deffo a dt couldnt be too sure.
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    New Boy Update!

    he just wanted to come home with me and I couldnt say no!
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    Gotta New Betta

    He is beautiful, good find. Most of my boys are making nests at the moment. One of them even has one each end of his tank. Think he might be after a bit of two timing! :rolleyes:
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    He Killed My Vt Nightlight :( :( -update On Ramjets Tank And Sickness.

    when I go away, mind you it is only a week. I dont let anyone touch my fish, I clean them out before I go and they just have to stay hungry. Touch wood, they have been fine a bit cross with me but thats all!
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    Apple Snails

    :hyper: I love snails. The only time I have ever come across a snail looking as if he was killing a fish, was, as has already been said, a betta who was ill and unfortunately the snail trapped his long fins and he died. I have a zebra snail who is supposed to clean algae! Thats a laugh! he is...
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    Resuced A Betta

    Oh bless he is so pretty. Thank god you got to him in time, a few more weeks living like that and I think he would be dead. Lots of clean water and tlc and he should be fine...xx
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    Mr. Wimpy Fish's.... Wimpyness.

    he sounds cute have you any photos?