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    Betta Sorority And Male?

    i had a sorority with my male and there is only one female left which he has left alone for over 3 months all the others he killed so im guessing its up to the females dominance however one female i gave back to the lfs because it was nipping male and female fins and flaring the male who would...
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    55 Gallon Community Compatibility?

    thanks for the replies i will add some more cories then but is a male ram not a good idea as i was hoping to breed them? and i will write off the rainbow cichlid thanks
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    55 Gallon Community Compatibility?

    I am replacing my 100 litre with a 55 gallon I already have these living happily in a 100 litre 1 bristlenose pleco 6 gold endler guppies 6 neon tetra 3 cories 2 siamese algea eaters 3 guppies COULD i add 2 german blue rams 2 platies 1 rainbow cichlid Open to suggestions :)but i cant get rid...