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    Home wanted for tetras

    I am selling my fish tank and all equipment, due to other commitments and lack of time to keep up my lovely planted tank. I have 4 fish left that I still need a home for - 3 cardinal tetras and 1 rummy nose. I haven't introduced any new fish for about 2 years and no new plants for about 18...
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    Round Pellia, Huge Portion, Sale Or Swap

    Hi Threefingers I received the pelia today.   A lovely sized portion. Many thanks!   Julia
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    Wanted: Juwel Vision 180 Hood Flaps

    Thx for the links Charlie!
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    Wanted: Juwel Vision 180 Hood Flaps

    Hi all I'm looking for some flaps for the juwel vision 180 l.  If anyone has any they no longer want I will be happy to buy them off you. Also interested in a T5 high-lite unit for the same size tank. Thanks Julia
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    For Sale, First Come First Served - Riccia, Java/xmas Moss And Hydroco

    Hi I'm interested in just the riccia and moss. Have u still got them and how much?
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    Free - 2 Juv German Blue Rams Males

    *bump* Still available.
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    Free - 2 Juv German Blue Rams Males

    Im in Middlesbrough. It's not far off the A19.
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    German Blue Rams (Teesside)

    Hi Stiffler Im looking for a couple of females. Do you have any left? Im in Teesside so i could pick up. Cheers Julia
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    Free - 2 Juv German Blue Rams Males

    Hi all, I have 2 german blue rams I'd like to move out of my tank. I bought them as small immature fish before xmas. They are now colouring up nicely. Now other fish have paired up these 2 need a new home. I WONT POST fish, so pick up only pls. Cheers Julia
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    Anyone Bought These?

    no, I was disappointed when AE stopped selling individual plants. [hint, hint Richard!] These collections seem really expensive and you may not want some of the plants they include, or more likely some are not suitable for your set up. I agree with adandrews, find out what you like and buy...
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    Greasy Film On Surface

    Thanks for your comments guys. Have thought about a surface skimmer, but if it pumps the water back into the tank then I'll never really get rid of the stuff... right? :unsure:
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    Greasy Film On Surface

    Hi all, Have done some searches on this surface film, and found lots of people with heavy planting and EI dosing have had this (which I also do). Except im pretty sure I can pin point when this film appeared in my tank - and thats when I used vasoline to grease the o ring in filter. So i...
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    Stuff For Drop Checker

    ***bump*** anyone know?
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    Stuff For Drop Checker

    This is the drop checker i bought off ebay. it comes with a little bottle of something. Is this bromothymol blue - I assumed bromothymol blue IS BLUE??? This stuff is red.
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    Why Do I Have Algae?

    I would aim to have your nitrate levels between 10-20 then you know your plants are not being deprived of it, before you next add ferts. you should definitely have phosphate, if your levels are zero, then this affects your plants growth lots. When plants not growing, well algae generally...