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    Lima Shovelnose Feeding?

    is it difficult to get lima shovelnose cats to start eating pellets?? if any one that has had some before can give me any information on the ones they have or had would be great :good: -thanks- :D
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    Malawi Cichlids And Catfish?

    what cats should i put in with my malawi cichlids in my 100gal?? most are gonna be peacocks... :fish: ive had pictus, syn, sun cat, rafael, and plecos suggested but im looking for different suggestions.. -thanks- :friends:
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    Asian Sun Catfish Or Two Spot Catfish?

    no an asian sun cat only has one spot on each side. it doesnt have the spot on the tail, the whiskers are smaller, & they look more like bullheads. :nod:
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    Hi Can Anyone Give Me A Posative Id On This Please

    yea thats a channel catfish. :good: they get pretty big. i catch some at times when i go fishing..
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    Catfish Id Needed

    yup thats a 4-lined pim or pimelodus blochii. i use to have one for about 1 1/2 yr. got it at about 3" and grew pretty fast. i had it till it was about 8-9" really cool fish it would gorge itself on toad tadpoles and small earth worms. i had it with a 6" sun cat, 12" oscar, & a silver dollar.
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    What Catfish Is This? Please Help

    its a paroon shark.. you can find more info & pics on planet catfish. even some videos on youtube of them... :good:
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    setting up my 100gal!!!

    setting up my 100gal!!!
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    Cats For 100Gal?

    im setting up my 100 gallon tank with maybe some Mbuna cichlids. But i gotta have a catfish too, and wanted some suggestions of cats :friends: i could add other than syns & plecos....... -thanks-
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    Red Tail Catfish Color?

    the 1st 2 pictures are both south american RTC, but their color depends on what they mostly. so they may be from different areas of the river and are eating different foods.... :book: