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    I don't like the new look

    Thanks, was just wondering whether to bother downloading it again, honestly. Haven't familiarized myself with many of the new features, but the site does look better to me.
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    I don't like the new look

    Was wondering if the added functionality of the site made it display correctly on tapatalk now? I tried downloading it just for use here a while ago, but I immediately deleted it and went back to the browser view, tapatalk rendered it nearly incomprehensible.
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    Angel's laid eggs in community tank

    Just wanted to point out that unless your tank is 180+ gallons, you will have a severe crowding problem in your as your fish grow. Especially the clown loaches, which usually top a foot long, and have been known to reach 16 inches in the wild.
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    Sir David Attenborough on the history of the Siamese Fighting Fish

    Saw an aging study that referred to 40 months as "extreme old age" in male Bettas. Granted, it was an old study, I think sixties or seventies, which was the time of "old water" (IE: water changes just north of never) Fishkeeping, If I'm not mistaken. For comparison purposes, while the max...
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    Angels and other dieing

    Recommend several water changes asap, you want around 20 ppm for long-term health, studies have shown that many fish are killed within 48 hours in 200ppm. General hardness of 180 ppm is likely the reason for the rainbow hanging on still. While farm raised angels may tolerate water this hard...
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    Help! Not sure if my Guppy has a Fungal infection or not

    Hello, Welcome to the forums . Very sorry for your loss. From what I know there are probably one of two reasons the guppies got sick and the zebra danios did not. #1 your water may be too soft Guppies need hard water to do well, often the most symptom of incorrect water chemistry in hard...
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    Agreed. At minimum any fish that gets too big for the largest tank a store sells should be...

    Agreed. At minimum any fish that gets too big for the largest tank a store sells should be special order only.
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    White string coming from a new platy's "butt"

    Was it gasping in the morning, and improved later in the day? Asking because issues related to ability to use oxygen, including low dissolved oxygen, high ammonia or nitrite, and gill parasites often at their worst in the morning., when oxygen content is generally at it's lowest. EDIT...
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    Does an air stone make a difference?

    Since studies on ornamental aquariums are a bit sparse, I have been reading papers on recirculating aquaculture without hydroponics, specifically recirculating tank aquaculture. This s a type of commercial fish farm very similar to what many people have in their aquariums, but on a much...
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    Hello, I want to check if my tank is compatible for oscar

    Those Oscars will be very happy, I am sure. Wish I could afford the money and space for a tank this size. From what I have heard about oscar behavior, they tend to be less territorial than other cichlids, at least when their ultimate large size is considered, with the main issues being either...
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    125 Gallon Stocking Opinion

    Wow, 8.0 ammonia from the tap!? Have there been any public notices to not drink the water? Unless have misunderstood their meaning of the word geogenic, then according to the information on the section titled "water" on page 7 of this document by the world health organization...
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    125 Gallon Stocking Opinion

    Wow.... Pretty sure these fish will already be too many when they hit full size, definitely do not recommend adding more. I would also call the Cardinals borderline for being too small to be completely safe with full size angelfish and Pictus, although Pictus are pretty peaceful to anything...
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    AngelFish Question

    Doh, just realized that I somehow misread and assumed that Hamsnacks was keeping neons instead of Cardinals, guess that's what I get for replying at 2:00 am! :# OH well, despite that, I still stand by everything else I said in my previous post.
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    Hey y'all

    Hello, Navy Chief, and welcome to the Forums. I am honestly wondering if one of the administration at fish Lore had a bit of a militant streak...
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    DIY Stand for 75/90 Gallon Tanks

    This is off topic, but worth mentioning to avoid anyone reading the above and thinking it is a good permanent arrangement. While two babies are OK for a 75 gallon, a good rule of thumb I think for full grown oscars is 75 gallons minimum, and an additional 50 for each additional one, although...