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    sunlit water lily

    I started over and redid my tank after taking it down, and I really enjoy this new nymphaea bulb from Petco (only one of two bulbs sprouted, and it took several weeks to really start growing, the pack was around 5 dollars I believe)
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    Why is my Dwarf Gourami chasing my Columbian tetra??

    IMO even dwarf gourami should have a 20-gallon long term. If you really want to keep it maybe just leave the single dg as it is?
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    2.5 Months in

    I like your tank, but I admit I don't like the stocking. If you have a common pleco, I do not want to be rude or pushy, but I would rehome it or get an appropriate environment immediately. Personally I think the time has already come for an upgrade, not in like 2 months or something. I also...
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    Corydoras or Kuhli Loaches?

    Okay sorry for getting off-topic, but there are breeds of corydoras? I was always under the impression that it was species(like bronze, panda, peppered...Etc.) but now I'm confused since I've seen some people say breeds.
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    I brought 4 Otocinclus but can only see 2 for last week

    If you literally can't find them then I'm guessing they died first and got eaten. Have you checked your decorations? They aren't necessarily the bravest fish ever and may just be hiding. Another possibility is that they jumped out.
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    green water - can I just buy Daphnia?

    If ghost shrimp can eat your goldfish alive then my otocinclus is eating veggies. Trust me ghost shrimp won't eat your goldfish unless they've already died. In my opinion, water changes are important for goldfish. Other members have told you how to solve the green water- other better ways than...
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    PheonixKingZ Interview.

    Milk or cereal first? Always milk first for me.
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    What?! Is this duckweed???

    I don't seriously need mental help. Or do I? The list of weird things I do probably gets longer than Rapunzels hair.
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    What?! Is this duckweed???

    Since everyone has fuplie, fudge... etc.. I don't replace the f word. I either say heck or whisper so no one can hear me lol.
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    Corydoras or Kuhli Loaches?

    My corydoras usually eat the bug bites that the other fish haven't stolen yet. Lol.
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    Is my fish female or male?

    That looks like a female lyretail(?) to me. Yes I think its likely that was a baby, I would probably be prepared for more since the population can take off and adults aren't exactly small.
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    Corydoras or Kuhli Loaches?

    To me kuhlis are water noodles and corydoras are mini submarines lol. I think the lid will be fine... Admittedly my aquarium "lid" is just a flimsy plastic mat thingy from dollar tree :oops:
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    What?! Is this duckweed???

    If ya say so. I just thought differently mainly because of the more bendy(?) and oval-shaped leaves, as well as the roots.
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    Surgery or Edit?? Hmmm....

    All those "child prodigies" out there... And I still struggle to make my bed every day.
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    What?! Is this duckweed???

    Maybe I'm terribly wrong and the surface of your tank gets covered in duckweed. Or maybe it just turns out to be a random plant. I guess we'll see :)