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    Water change and heater cool down

    No time needed heater is never hot to touch mate i turn my off and start with maintenace immediatly no waiting at all. Turn or pump also if u have internal its not recomeded to run it with no water.
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    Vote Now! - September 2022 Tank of the Month Contest (16 US Gal & Smaller)

    This is my dirted tank setup 4 months old. 15 gallons 60 liters 15cm deep subtrate, 12 cm garden soil capped with 3 cm of gravel. 40% water change every 10 days with 10mll of easylife profito fertilizer and offcourse seachem prime. 15w led light and 600l per hour internal filter cleaned every 10...
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    Type of betta?

    Well after all the talks here is update all is well didnt lose any fish so far plants and fish growing nicely. Shrimp colony is huge now to the point i started selling them as there is over 100 at any given time. Betta gets along with evryone still playing sherif if there is bullying among...
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    Type of betta?

    Well tnx for sayig this mate you vere right its confirmed, went to the store again to speak to owner this time instead of worker and he confirmed it was silver marble molly male and yelow moly female. He agreed to take them back so i excanged them for 2 female platys so now i have good ratio 2...
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    Type of betta?

    Well just went to store show them pics of all fish i bought and they said they are mollys apperently dalmatian molly and yellow molly i have one male and one female an they refused to take them back as they are afraid since they been with me for few days now that they may introduce some diesease...
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    is this ludvigia repens?

    Tnx and what do you think it might straighten or should i just cut it at bend and replant tips? Would like it to straighten before j cut it as i only have ,3 stems so dont wanna stress it need it to survive.
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    Type of betta?

    Don't think there are Molly's at least i didn't by any unless they throw them in by mistake. What color might be the one you think is molly? Not being defensive at all just doing what i can with what i have. I know its overstocked that's why i do weekly water changes try to have many plants to...
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    Type of betta?

    Ah you gonna make me go get water kit now even doe i said i wont bother i just spent 30min lokeing if i have somwhere writen in post or if i have taken pic of test and cant find it anywhere. All i remeber ph was 7.2 and was droping cause of mangrowe wood leaching tannins so was told to add...
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    Type of betta?

    If they were caught in wild i would think twice but as thing stands now no need to worry.
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    Type of betta?

    All fish is from domestic breeding for years now they are used to water parameters since they been breed in them for generations. There is no way i can mimic to extend they native habitat. If every keeper here does the same and its good why would i try anything different. Whom ever i talked here...
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    Type of betta?

    I know what they are all i know is that ph is 7.2 other i measured twice and they were good. Heavy planted, good filtration , weekly 40 procent water change and im not worried. As long as shrimps are breading im not concered as our tap water is good. Cant see in pic there is 15 more bacopas...
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    Type of betta?

    Cant edit on phone but i should have place for them when they het bigger for sure.