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    RIP Jerky

    No plastic plants, but there were a few sharp rocks that I removed
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    RIP Jerky

    I'm sad to say that my guppy Jerky passed away last night. It's so sad how I didn't know how to save her. She got an injury and I put her in a hospital tank. I don't know what I did wrong. May she rest in peace😞😔😥❤
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    Guppy looks like it's bleeding?

    Guppies, and I was able to set up a tank today 🙂
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    Hospital tank

    Is there a specific light I should have for the plant and is there any products you can tell me about plus the price
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    Guppy looks like it's bleeding?

    Okay, should I set up a hospital tank? And how can I do that immediately
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    Hospital tank

    I need to set up a hospital/emergency fish tank for one of my fish. I don't know if I need to cycle it and what I need in the tank. Is there anything I can do? I just have no idea
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    Guppy looks like it's bleeding?

    Okay thank you so much
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    Guppy looks like it's bleeding?

    So I just noticed this, it looks like my guppy is bleeding. It's just a red spot, not anything gushing, but I can't tell Sorry if those are not super great pics, I took it while it was dark.
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    Guppy fry

    How long does it usually take to tell what gender the fry are? I have like 12 fry in my current tank and I want to sell them but I have no clue what gender they are. Also, how much would I be able to sell them for?
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    I just got guppies

    They are pregnant, no males, they already had babies
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    Ammonia problem

    Like another thread I saw, I've been cycling my tank since the middle of July. I was testing the water rental and there's a lot of ammonia and nitrate. I'm new to the hobby and have no idea how to address this. I did a 25% water change but I don't know what to do next