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    Hillstream Loaches

    I bought 3 reticlulated hillstream loaches a few weeks ago on an impulse buy because they looked so cool. Of course, now it has backfired. One died today and I realized that I really have no idea how to care for them. I couldn't find much about them online so I was wondering if anyone here knew...
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    Sand Isn't Settling

    I put play sand in my 29 gal tank 2 days ago and it doesn't seem to be settling at all. I rinsed the sand a billion times but the water is super dusty and hasn't cleared up at all. I put the same sand in my 10 gallon and it cleared up in a day. I do not have a filter yet for the 29, it will be...
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    Stocking Ideas

    We are moving in a few weeks, and once we do I want to set up my 29 gallon again. I have an idea for the stocking but I'm afraid it would overcrowd my tank. - my betta - 6 glass catfish - 5 otos - guppies ( don't know how many) So what do you guys think?
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    Betta Breeding-Is It Worth It/possible?

    My male is a pinkish/purpleish color with white tipped fins and female is a dark blue crowntail. Thank you guys for convincing me not to do it! Thats what i needed to hear :)
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    Betta Breeding-Is It Worth It/possible?

    I just put my female Betta in a devided tank with my male. They flare at each other a TON! but Tai (male) started making a bubble nest like crazy and defending it-he's so cute! I was wondering how difficult it is to breed them- because i am really tempted right now. They are both so beautiful...
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    Good Rabbit Situation?

    Ps. The cage won't have actual rabbit bedding. Just some blankets/towels and stuff. Other cheap suggestions are helpful
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    Good Rabbit Situation?

    My sister and I are saving up for a bunny!!! I am a teenager and haven't gotten the official ok from the parents but early research can never hurt! We have a rabbit rescue nearby that adopts out all kinds of bunnies for only 35 bucks and they are neutered and litter trained and everything. Plus...
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    29 Gallon Stocking

      thanks for the info, so would the glass cats be ok with the betta only?   haha thats true its not a guppy anymore  gonna have to change my signature
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    29 Gallon Stocking

    I'm thinking about setting my 29 gal tank up and I have some stocking questions. It will have plants (but not heavily planted) and 2 ten gallon filters. Here is my idea for fish: 1 betta Guppies (yes I have experience with the guppy/betta combination) 7-10 glass catfish One of my bettas will...
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    Merry Christmas To The Crabbies!

    I saved 3 hermit crabs from petsmart today. Merry Christmas to them, they don't have to be some 5 year olds present! I don't particularly like getting live animals from those big chains but there are no other places with hermits here Here they are: Max (short for Maximum.) This guy is huge!he...
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    Reptilian Merry Christmas!

    awesome! how did you make it look like it was snowing???
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    Merry Kittymas!

    super cute!!!
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    Breeding Pacific Tree Frogs?

    I recently came back to the site and now I'm posting a whole bunch :) I have a beautiful pair of pacific tree frogs, also called pacific chorus frogs. I've kept these frogs for quite a while now, super easy to take care of and always healthy. I've always wanted to breed them but not sure how...
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    My Other Pets Part 2

    They may not all be fuzzy or cuddly, but I love them!
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    My Other Pets Part 2

    I couldn't put anymore pic on the other so this is part 2.... One of my crabs, Clicker Twigs Nutmeg Random picture I took