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    What timer are you using for your lights?

    Hello all.... Just curious....what brand of timers are you all using on your lighting for your tank? Also....any recommendations on a light for a 75 gallon? Thanks for your input!
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    Flourish fundamentals pack

    How often do you dose? Once a week or more?
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    Flourish fundamentals pack

    Hello to everyone... I am trying to bring life back into my plants. Does anyone use the F F pack. Flourish, iron, and excel. What do you all use? Thanks for any and all advice!!!!
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    Moving bed Filter

    Hello all... Curious as to is anyone using the Ziss moving media filter or the Korean version? There is a drastic price difference in the two. 25 for Ziss and 15 for its Korean counterpart. ????
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    Tetra’s Finally All In!

    Very very nice.... I like your work and effort! Keep it up friend....:good:
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    One if our 75 gallon....and a 36 gallon bow....

    I have read this about Oscars also.:crazy:
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    One if our 75 gallon....and a 36 gallon bow....

    We are still brainstorming the scaping of these two. Any suggestions and ideas are gladly welcomed. Suggestions on plants as well.... Thanks in advance ladies an gentlemen!!!
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    Good evening an Hello

    Hello...... I have been an aquarist for several years now. All freshwater for now. I have a 75 gal community tank, 75 gallon fancy golds, a 55 gallon SA cichlids tank, a 36 gal bow for Mac an Donald, the Oscars, and another 36 bow for my Electric blue Jack dempsey...Captain Crackers...