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    Guppy gave birth but still looks pregnant could this mean more?

    I'm glad to hear you had more fry delivered! I'm waiting for my platy to pop any day now and hoping will get a nice batch since i have a planted tank i'm working on and really want to use it for fry haha.... anyway, best of luck!
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    Advice for new shrimp tank

    Congrats on starting a shrimp tank, have you considered doing a planted tank? these are extremely common among any shrimp tanks. Are you looking to breed them?
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    Where do you get your shrimp from?

    I agree with CooledWhip. I'd suggest going online for best chances, it can cost considerably more but you end up getting healthier and more unique shrimp. The only shrimp i've seen in LPS are ghost shrimp and saltwater shrimp. I know my LFS also has red cherry shrimp.
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    Best Betta pellets in UK and holiday feeding.

    Fish can live a spectacular time without feeding, especially if you keep live plants since it can be a source of nutrience. I personally use feeding blocks and remove when i'm home although if it's one betta you should slice it in half or to one quarter to prevent overfeeding.... as for food...
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    Guppy gave birth but still looks pregnant could this mean more?

    Hey there, how long has she been giving birth for? Usually guppy give birth to at LEAST 20, any guppies i've owned have given birth to more. i'd say wait a few hours because usually they do stop at intervals. I've seen guppies give birth to 60 fry but it was over a period of 2 hours. Also, if...
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    ghost shrimps exposed to copper// now dying

    Thank you for your fast response, i accidently missed one and he's sadly dead and actually changed to a red colour on his back, i feel awful :( as for the others, they're making a full recovery. My QT tank is coldwater so i moved them to the birthing tank (save me if they eat the fry) and i've...
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    ghost shrimps exposed to copper// now dying

    i made an awful mistake... yesterday i went out and brought 6 new aquatic plants from my lps and then i went home, rinsed em and put them in. Today i woke up too see all 4 of my ghost shrimps lying on their backs but still alive, in panic i read the bag the plants came in and realized they're...
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    Breeding Tank Journal (Project X)

    Big update; I decided NOT to get WCM because i didn't feel it was fair to put them in such a small tank, i decided to invest in getting a ton of healthy plants and it's going amazingly well. I got 6 and took out most ornaments from my main and put them in and it looks really healthy plus it's...
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    Breeding Tank Journal (Project X)

    Hey there, thanks for the info. The tank is fairly small right now and they will be in a school of 3. The filter i used is already cycled anyway but i thought quickstart may just jump boost it. I'm looking more for java moss since it's a hardy plant and thrives well in low light. The tank is...
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    Breeding Tank Journal (Project X)

    Alright, update, still no babies (ikr) but i've been busy busy busy getting costs together for future plans ect... i actually set up my small coldwater fish tank today and made a decision to turn it into a lovely white cloud minnow tank! I've set it up and added QuickStart, FilterAid and also...
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    Breeding Tank Journal (Project X)

    I shall defo get plants for my fry!
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    Breeding Tank Journal (Project X)

    Big Update: 90% convinced my Red Tiger platy is going into labor, i'm also convinced she's the mom of the stray fry.. now coloration is showing up i'm able too see the patterning and it's identical to the red tiger platy. I tried to sex the fry and it's not possible to tell yet. I'm going to be...
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    Platy fry pregnant or sick?!!

    thank you, i didn't even know they could get pregnant that young... I'm still a little doubtful
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    What should i use my spare tank for?

    thanks! I think i'm going to find a baby betta and raise him/her :) or i may look into finding 'abused' bettas that are neglected at pet stores and bringing them to health
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    Platy type and male or female?

    defo female, looks like she may be preg too...