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    Male or female betta?

    I don’t think it makes much difference in terms of temperament, if you are going to keep it on its own. Males are generally more colourful and can have longer fins, but very long fins can make it difficult for the males to swim, and they are more prone to fin rot. You can get some pretty...
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    Canaster Height Matter - Fluval 407 Setup Question

    Ammonia or nitrite levels of above 5 ppm can stall a cycle. A partial water change to lower these levels can get things back on track.
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    New betta

    He is what some people would call a mustard Gas. He is a beautiful boy 👍
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    Goldfish has growing purple spot

    Fish produce ammonia, which bacteria convert into nitrites, and more bacteria convert into nitrates, so there should always be nitrates in a cycled tank. Plants do consume some nitrates, but it needs to be a very heavily planted tank with a small amount of fish, to keep the nitrates at zero. In...
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    Goldfish has growing purple spot

    Do you mind sharing your latest water test results?
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    Goldfish has growing purple spot

    You have an interesting mix of tropicals and temperate fish there. I asked about tank mates because some posted a picture of a flowerhorn recently, with a similar looking bruised area. It turned out it was caused by a common Pleco latching onto the unfortunate flowerhorn. I would be surprised if...
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    Is Cami ok?):

    She is clamping her fins very tightly which suggests that something is irritating her. Have you added anything new to the tank lately?
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    Goldfish has growing purple spot

    What size tank is your goldfish in? Do you have any other fish in the tank? Do you know what your water parameters are?
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    Is Cami ok?):

    I’m afraid she looks to be in very poor condition. Do you know what the water parameters are at all?
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    Does anybody know what this is? Ich? Lymphocystis? Fungal Growth?

    Hi, do you know what your water parameters are at all? I can see the white patches you are referring too, I can also see that your Platy is clamping it’s fins, and another Platy at the water surface. All of these indicate a water quality problem to me. I know you have been doing large partial...
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    Any suggestions?

    It’s hard to say if the dirty water will make much of a difference or not, all tanks cycle at their own speed. It’s just a matter of wait and see I’m afraid.
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    5 year tank crashed. Unable to reestablish.

    Hi, can you tell us what all of the water parameters are, please?
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    Cotton mouth disease

    Hi, what type of fish do you have? Are there any other symptoms, other than the mouth lesions? Could you post a picture at all? I would remove the infected fish for now and place them in a hospital tank.
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    Ever hungry Betta…

    When I had Betta I used to feed pellets and frozen food, I would feed as much as the Betta could eat in a minute or 2. I don’t feed live foods, but I think it would be a great to feed this type of food in different locations so your Betta would have to hunt and bring out those natural instincts 😃
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    Don’t understand my tank….

    I am in total agreement that high tech tanks need to be managed completely different to low tech tanks, and a low tech tank certainly doesn’t need the amount of flow I’ve got in my tank. I was just trying to demonstrate that high flow and surface movement are not detrimental to plants or fish...