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    North American 75G Tank Setup

    For starters, you will need to decide on exactly what you plan to keep, then we can get a better idea and help out some more.   I have to second the Bluegill option, but only because I keep Bluegills myself so I am rather fond of them. I will grab some pics soon.
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    New Here And In Desperate Need Of Help!

    The 5 gallon would only be suitable for the shrimp in my opinion, meaning you are overstocked.   What kind of filtration are you using? What are your exact water readings? 1. Ammonia: 2. Nitrite: 3. Nitrate: 4. PH: 5. Hardness: 6. Temperature:   Also note that even though the fish did not appear...
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    Stocking 125 Gallons Freshwater Tank

      For starters,I would be removing over 3/4 of your current stock. Even as juveniles that "fit" in the tank, it does not mean they are compatible with the tank and they would need massive amounts of care in the hands of professionals in a stocking situation like this (such as bi-weekly water...
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    55 Gallon Re-Stocking

    I'm a little late to the topic, but maybe I can assist:   First off, there will always be the hybrid debate, there is no way around that. If you like the hybrids, why not keep them? And just to be clear, there are far more hybrids in circulation than anyone could ever imagine. It is a given that...
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    Acrylic Tank "salvage"

    Possible setback today. When I got home the tank was at 90 degrees. I'm going to see if my old DIY chiller is still operational.
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    Acrylic Tank "salvage"

    Tannin's were starting to set in nicely this morning! By the time I get back from my business trip, it will be ready to add fish!
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    Acrylic Tank "salvage"

    Quick pic of some scaping she started on.
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    6Ft Goldie Tank

    Mine will probably be a nightmare as well, but at least I have you to bounce ideas off of now if I run into issues, lol. Link in Sig if you are interested.
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    Anyone Ever Used These For A Cheap Sump?

    I understand what you are trying to accomplish; however, I am not sure these will suffice.   First things first, what size aquarium are building a sump for? From the looks of them, these bins may hold at most 3 gallons of water (all together), which is not very much at all.
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    New In Texas

    Howdy from a fellow Texan, and  to the forums! 
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    Acrylic Tank "salvage"

    Another rainy afternoon, but we managed to get some work accomplished. The tank is now set in place, zeo-sand rinsed (that was the worst experience I ever had) and some river rocks put in. My daughter is currently out on summer break, so she has been "supervising" the entire process so far and...
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    Acrylic Tank "salvage"

    Got a chance to break from work today and started picking up some supplies.   Since this is going to be an outside tank, I am going to put together a quick base made of cinder blocks and pine furring (as a platform of sorts).   Once I get this setup, I will start with laying ceiling grids in the...
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    Usa Members- Petco Buck A Gallon Sale Is On

    Yay! I may need to go grab a 40G to use as a sump,
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    Acrylic Tank "salvage"

    Well, let's just say there was skeletal remains of kittens...   For now, I have done a diluted bleach soak, 4 full rinses and then washed down with vinegar to cut the bleach and rinsed 4 more times.  Doing a full air-dry today and will move on to setup this week!