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    Do you like my new tank?

    I think it is coming along very nice. Needs a few more plants in my opinion but love the rocks.
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    Newbie - ish

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    Stocking options?

    I have Sterba's Cory Cats.
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    Stocking options?

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    Stocking options?

    Cory Cats are a good option for Betta tank mates. My betta lives with 6 in our 10 gal. The corys tend to stay at the bottom and the betta the top. The tank is also heavily planted. This will help with any tank mates you decide. Water sprite is a good choice as it's easy to grow and will reach...
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    BigFella and Lil'Fellas 120 Gallon adventure!!!

    Well tank is ready for fish and LFS is having a sale.ore to come soon.
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    Arizona Aqua Gardens

    I also had a very bad experience with these guys. I wish I had done more research beforehand as they have an F rating with the BBB. DOA fish and no response to email or phone calls. It took writing an email stating I was coming to visit them at their location to get a response. Then all I...
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    BigFella and Lil'Fellas 120 Gallon adventure!!!

    That sounds like a great Idea. Thanks. I was thinking of moving our Pearl Gouarmi to this tank and getting a few more(3-4 females and possibly another male). I could then move Flame to the 36 gallon with the platies. Thoughts?
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    BigFella and Lil'Fellas 120 Gallon adventure!!!

    Thanks for looking out. I checked the silicon and there are no bubbles or white spots. I felt along all seems and it is still very pliable.The picture defiantly makes it look more white than it is. We did get a very nice piece of driftwood. Makes a nice center piece. About 30" across and...
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    BigFella and Lil'Fellas 120 Gallon adventure!!!

    Well here we go. My daughter (Lil'Fella) and I are new to fish keeping. For the last 6 months we have successfully keep fish alive and happy. Our Betta, Flame, in his 5 gallon, and the LOTR gang in their 36 gal bow front. Now we move to the 120 gallon. We got this for free from friends of a...
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    The LOTR gang in the 36 gal bow front

    This is the second tank we put together. Our family are big fans of Tolkien so we got a Hobbit hole for the 36 and have named all inside after our Middle Earth friends. Hobbits are represented by the Cory Cats, the Elves by the platies and Gourami, the dwarfs but the yo-yo Loaches, and even...
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    My daughter made me do it........

    Also thank you for the warm welcome and the sick fish link. In our short time we did battle a minor case of ick but got through it.