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    Black theme

    I am using samsung internet on android 10
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    Black theme

    The first is the light mode theme, the second is dark mode theme. Idk if this is just me or what
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    Black theme

    It seems to change when my phones theme changes from dark mode to light mode
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    chat feature

    Thats an iphone/Mac thing
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    Slow loading

    Edge was recently updated to run on a version of google chrome's code
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    Red Cherry Shrimp with eggs??

    UPDATE: There are now 9 or 10 shrimp with eggs
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    Red Cherry Shrimp with eggs??

    Thanks for the info! I have had fry before but never seen the eggs so i didnt know what they were!!
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    Red Cherry Shrimp with eggs??

    So i have 2 or 3 red cherry shrimps that have these yellow things under their tails that look like eggs. I have had shrimp breed in here before and the shrimp that have eggs now are the children of the shrimp that bred here before. (I can tell because they are slightly stripy) Photos -andre
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    Getting back into hobby

    Hey, thats my name too! Welcome to the forum!:rofl:
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    Betta Splendens Free To Good Home

    Lol im only new so dont have any of those habits...