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    Small, Easy To Find Stingray?

    The problem with the most readily available ones are they are normally retic rays which are normally imported cheaply and not as hardy as others. Histrix and Scobina rays would be good for a small ray but both are hard to get hold off.    Given my above comments you will do well to find one...
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    What Oddball Can I Have For My Setup?

      Agreed with the "nothing" part. To clarify for anyone reading who's confused.   1) Head & Tail Lights are tetras - as such they ought to be ina group of 6. 2) Giant danio and white cloud mountain minnows are both shoaling species and prefer temperate water. 3) Sailfin molly needs a bigger tank...
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    Freshwater Frogfish?

    Hi'   I've not personally kept one but i am pretty certain there are no freshwater ones which maybe why yours died. Mainly brackish / Marine, they may go into freshwater but only for short periods.
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    Hoplarchus Psitticus, True Parrot Fish

    Hi' Steve,    I had problems shifting mine. Mine was about 13-14 inch male and i ended up giving it away to a friend due to down sizing tanks.  For anyone thinking of buying one i would at heartbeat if i had the room! Such a magnificent fish!
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    Yuo'll struggle to get one 10-12 inch for Less than £100 i'd expect. They're slow growers.  Think i paid about 90£ for a decent 5-6 inch campbelli a couple of years back.    At the end of the day the fish is only worth what you value it at,  Personally if i want something i'll pay what it takes...
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    What Oddball Can I Have For My Setup?

    Nothing, need to sort your current stock out a little first. Not sure what a head tail light refers to, giant danio is too big and should be kept in shoals. Whiteclouds if referring to minnows prefer cool temps, Molly's do best in a brackish setup. If Glofish are dyed i'd then i'd take them back...
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    Datnoid With Peacock Bass?

    not a good idea, be an expensive snack and could possible damage the pbass when eaten. 
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    Anyone Got Elephant Noses And Can Advise

    i had one a couple of years back and it went crazy for bloodworm, you should be able to see it eat if you watch caefully enough.
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    Polypterus Weeksii (weeksii Bichir) La14 2ad

    Livestock: Polpyterus Weeksii Age and condition: be at least 4 years old, around 12-14 inch, possibly bigger Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: tank leaking Delivery or Collection:coolection only Sales price: £25 Postage & Packaging:nope Location: Barrow- La14 2ad Photograph:on request All...
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    Vulture Catfish (la14 2ad)

    Please fill out the following form for any and all transactions. Please change the first line as applicable to the transaction Livestock: Vulture Catfish (link here: Age and condition: about 18months old, good condition about 15...
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    Sale Due To Tank Leaking :(

    Hi' Livestock: 2 Oscars 1 albino and 1 wildcaught Age and condition: not sure on the albino, the wild caught is around 3-4 years old, good condition around 10inch Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: tank leaking Delivery or Collection:Collection only Sales Price: £5 each? Postage &...
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    Freshwater Stingray In London (Hard Water)?

    RO is generally not needed, it may help but at the same time from what i remember you had to add stuff back into the water? Maybe wrong as i havent had one for quite some years now. HMA filters are good as they don't have the wastage of RO but still filter the water. I have one from Devotadly...
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    Freshwater Stingray In London (Hard Water)?

    24/7 water change with HMA filter, job done. May cost a little bit of money with electricity in the colder months but you don't really have to worry about the tank as much.
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    I Need Help With A Guppy Tank In Need Of Predator

    beheading the fish would do the job swiftly, then freeze the boddies. When i go fishing i tend to go for a swift chop to the head, the only think that survives that is bloody eels.
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    My Baby Arrows

    Very nice, you got a link to the blue rubber paint? Might look into for next time i build one.