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White Cheek Goby

Discussion in 'Oddballs' started by Carlovel1, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Carlovel1

    Carlovel1 & Oddballs

    May 20, 2010
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    Common Name/s: White Cheek Goby, White Throat Goby, Red Cheek Goby, Red Throat Goby

    Scientific name: Rhinogobius wui, sometimes also known as Rhinogobius duospilus

    Family: Gobiidae

    Origin: Southern China and Vietnam

    Maximum size: 5cm/2", though usually smaller

    Care: This hardy Goby species can be kept in tanks as small as 7 gallons. The tank should have a very strong current and more importantly, be oxygenated properly. Water needs to have a neutral (7.0)- slightly alkaline (8.0) pH. Coming from mountain streams/rivers, temperature should be anywhere from 10C-23C ideally, though temperatures of 5C are tolerated; temperature higher than 23C are tolerated as long as there is adequate aeration. The species also does well in slightly brackish water. Males are territorial so try to only keep 1 male in the tank, unless it is a large tank.

    Decor: Bits of wood & rocks. Large round pebbles are especially appreciated and are needed for breeding. Substrate should be either sand or round gravel.

    Diet: Almost anything, pellets, tablets, wafers, frozen foods, live foods, snail eggs! They tend to avoid flake food.

    Breeding: Males will dig burrows under large pebbles, then display outside their burrows to attract a female. The pair will then go inside the burrow and spawn in the burrow. Once the eggs have been laid, the male will independently raise the fry.

    Comments: Very wacky species with loads of character. They leap like tiny frogs on the substrate :fun: :wub:




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