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Spanner Barb

Discussion in 'Cyprinids' started by 9murphy9, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Oct 20, 2012
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    Scientific name: Puntius Laterstriga

    Common names: Spanner barb - T barb

    Family: Cyprinidea

    Origin: Southeastern Asia

    Maximum size: 8 "

    Care: As adults Spanner barbs should be kept in a 55 gallon long as a minimum but bigger is better,they can be kept singularly but will occasionally shoal even as adults,young Spanner barbs shoal vigorously for the fist 12 months or so.They do enjoy plants but a large open area must be left due to the fact that these fish are very active and fast.T barbs come from well oxygenated streams so a strong current in the aquarium is apreciated,they are mid water fish but will travel to other areas of the tank.

    Tankmates: Semi agressive cichlids, barbs and most fish. Try not to keep it with very sedate species or fish that do not tolerate fast moving species.

    Feeding: Feed a blanced diet of protein and vegetables they will eat most regular foods.

    Sexing: Males are slightly brighter in colour and females grow larger.

    Breeding: Place the aquarium where they will get direct sunrise and fill it with about 6 inches of water and a bed of marbles.once the eggs have been scatered leave them half an hour and then remove the parents as these will eat the eggs.

    Notes: Spanners can get agressive and have been known to eat small and long finned fish so be careful with stocking.




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