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Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by prawnrollsss, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. prawnrollsss

    prawnrollsss New Member

    Jun 25, 2017
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    hi all! :) i'm new to fishkeeping and i need some help on identifying what sickness my cory has.

    about 2 weeks ago i got 2 albino corys and 6 neon tetras. the corys seemed to be healthy. a few days later, i noticed that one of my corys had a split tail and short dorsal fin (as if they were disintegrated, no redness), was rather inactive and did not eat when food was right under its mouth. shortly after, it passed on. :-( the tetras do not seem to be aggressive (the other cory was fine) i thought that we might have gotten a sick cory so i went back to my LFS to get another cory as i did not want the current one to be lonely.

    however, i noticed that after the first cory died, my second cory has been acting a little strange. it started 'flashing', its tail has also split slightly and its dorsal fin also became a tad shorter. (it is still swimming and eating) i have attatched a closeup picture-it appears a bit 'fuzzy' but not fuzzy enough to be a fungal growth? i'm not very sure. its dorsal fin and tail also has tiny specks which doesn't seem big enough to be ich but makes it look 'fuzzy'.

    i'm not sure of my water parameters as i do not own a tester kit yet. albino corys are supposedly hardy fish, but all my tetras seem to be doing better than the corys! does anyone have a clue on what might be wrong with my corys based on my description? any help is appreciated i'm genuinely at my wits end!


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