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Rosy Red Minnow

Discussion in 'Cyprinids' started by The_Dude, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. The_Dude

    The_Dude Member

    Mar 13, 2007
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    Scientific name: Pimephales promales

    Common names: Rosy Red, Fathead Minnow

    Family: Pimephalidae

    Origin: Eastern United States

    Maximum size: 3"

    Care: Extremely easy.They are hardy fish and can tolerate a lot of different water conditions.I would recommend a tank of at least 5 gallons,though larger housing would be appreciated.And as I said,they tolerate different water conditions with the greatest of ease and can live for years in water as high as 75 to 78 degrees F (I think that's like 26 to 28 degrees C ),that makes them good beginner fish.That's remarkable as they are usually considered coldwater fish.They can be kept in pairs but a minimum group of three is preferred.They are often darting to and fro within the tank so they a good lively fish for beginners.They're also capable of jumping...high, so a covered tank is a must.

    Tankmates:Now as for tankmates,I would suggest anything that is small,peaceful,and placid.African Dwarf Frogs,Danios,Bettas,Dwarf Gouramis, and Corydoras.Also Non-nippy Tetras like neons or glow lights.Ghost shrimp, Amano Shrimp, and Small Non-pest Snails like Inca, and Apple snails, and generally anything else that the LFS doesn't feed them to.Also I would avoid housing them with livebearers as most of them are brackish and I don't think that a fish found exclusively in freshwater, no matter how hardy they are, would tolerate that for long without their color fading,their immune system crashing or even worse,death.However, Platies might be ok as I've heard that they can live in freshwater,and if these stories are correct, thrive in it.But other than that, NO LIVEBEARERS!!!

    Feeding:They generally accept any prepared food but I've witnessed mine go after small bugs that have had the misfortune of falling into the aquarium, so in one word or another, they WILL eat anything.

    Sexing: Nearly impossible until they reach sexual maturity, because they grow tubercles like goldfish.

    Breeding: They will take up refuge in a low to moderately sized cave.The male takes care of the eggs after they have been lain, and he also has the ability to stick them to virtually anything in the aquarium.I've never observed mine aerating the eggs with his mouth, but I have seen his rushing water past them with his tail and holding his position with his pectoral fins.He will chase off even the largest of predators, I've even observed mine chasing off a betta before.

    Notes: No matter how hard you try to prevent your rosy reds from breeding,it will happen.They are small and sneaky fish who some how have the ability to be right in your face and you'll never see them until they move.They are not truly red, but more of a light peach to faded pink color.The only time I've ever seen them turn any shade of red was when they were "in the mood".

    More Notes: If you're lucky you can even spot a couple of Bull Headed Minnows in the tank at the store with the Rosy Reds, or at least I did.I now have one Rosy Red and one Bull Headed Minnow in my 10 gallon.They even shoal together.

  2. nmonks

    nmonks A stroke of the brush does not guarantee art from

    Jul 16, 2005
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    Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England
    Great to see these lovely fish treated as something other than feeders!

    Since there are a lot of Brits on this Forum, it's worth mentioning that despite the major restrictions on non-native coldwater fish available to hobbyists in the UK, ownership of this particular species is LEGAL provided the fish are kept in a (home, not retail) aquarium but NOT a pond. Almost all the other non-native coldwater fishes historically traded as aquarium or pond fish require a license.

    Cheers, Neale

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