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Platy Pregnancy Advice - Gestation Period?

Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by red_wagtail1, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. red_wagtail1

    red_wagtail1 Member

    Dec 6, 2007
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    Hi guys, i'm new to this whole fish thing but i absolutely love it, i'm pretty much constantly glued to my aquarium, anyway, i have a red wagtail male platy, and a sunset male platy, two blue female platys and two black tuxedo female platys, anyway to cut a long story short i have seen one of my red wagtail platy engaging what i can only take to be mating with one of my blue female platys; i'm not at all adverse to babies however i feel totally out of my depth about a few things:

    1). what colour will they come out as?
    2) how many will there be?
    3) how long are the female fish actually pregnant for
    4) will the other female platys pose any threat to the new babies?

    I've read the current threads about new fish babies and i'm preparing, i already have two tanks, my quarantine tank is about to double as a nursery, but please if you've got any answers, please let me know, cheers guys x x x
  2. altselgreen

    altselgreen Member

    Apr 12, 2006
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    Hi welcome to the forums.

    1) Not sure, since the parents are red and blue they babies could vary.
    2) 30-40 I think. But If you leave them in your main tank some may get eaten. (Don't worry, this is normal)
    3) about 28-32 days
    4) Your females may, but its more likely that the males will. (Its a 'They're not my kids so I'll eat them' kind of attitude)

    If you're not bothering with a separate tank, if you have plenty of plant cover, the majority of the babies should survive.

    I hope this helps!
  3. LauraFrog

    LauraFrog Member

    Aug 25, 2007
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    ^ Spot on. Time from mating to delivery of fry is around 1 month. Livebearers can store sperm inside their bodies for a very long time, up to 8 pregnancies from one mating. It's possible that your male may not be the father of all the fry, and also that she may have mated previously and give birth sooner than a month from when you actually saw her mating as she may already be pregnant.

    '30-40 fry are normal. Up to 4 days before she drops fry, you will see her hiding in the plants. She may become aggressive and try to keep other fish away. The males will harass her when she is giving birth because they want to eat the fry which may not be hers to eliminate the competitor's offspring. The females will be grateful of the free meal. If you want fry to live, plant the tank heavily or better still remove them to a separate tank.

    The fry will eat whatever the adults eat provided the particles are small enough to fit in their mouths, they aren't big at birth. Also, they may be pastels of whatever colour they will grow up to be. I have had tuxedo fry born white, red fry born pink, wagtail fry born solid colours, and dalmatian fry born spotless. Then again other strains are born fully coloured.

    The final colour is difficult to judge. As far as I know, blue and red wag are fairly common and dominant strains, so you'll probably get a mix.

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