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Pingi Logsucker

Discussion in 'Cyprinids' started by ryan, May 7, 2004.

  1. ryan

    ryan Spinning around

    Oct 25, 2003
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    Common name/s: Pingi Logsucker

    Scientific name: Garra pingi pingi


    Origin: E.Asia

    Maximum size: 4-5"

    Care: A rare bottom-dwelling fish, Garra pingi pingi grows to about five inches in its native quick-flowing waters of Eastern Asia. The water should be cool and well oxygenated. Feed a wide variety of foods including sinking vegetable matter, commercail foods and frozen foods. In my experience they prefer alage wafers and bloodworm. A subspecies, Garra pingi yiliangensis was discovered in 1977.

    Sexing and Breeding: Unknown

    Comments: Garra pingi pingi has been showing up in a few aquarium stores, being sold as a pond fish. There is very little information about this Asian fish. From what I have gathered, it is similar in behavior and appearance to various loaches and "algae eaters." It is reported to eat algae but probably is opportunistic and from my experience this is true. A subspecies, Garra pingi yiliangensis was discovered in 1977.


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