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New Youtube Forum To Show Off In

Discussion in 'Board Announcements & Suggestions' started by Chad, Sep 14, 2016.

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  1. Chad

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    Aug 20, 2012
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    For years the forum has restricted the posting of YouTube videos to very particular circumstances. This was done to avoid the site becoming a place for people to just advertise their YouTube channels while not actually joining our community. Over time, especially recently, we have noticed more and more people wanting to share their own videos. Things they are proud of but couldn't because of the rules.
    The moderation team discussed it and decided to provide a place for members to share their aquarium related channels, just because they want to show off and are proud of it. We all want to show off sometimes and this is a great forum to do that on so from now on, you can with a few limitations. Here's how:
    • There is a new forum found in the "Journal and Build Thread" area special for sharing your videos. This area requires several posts to be able to post in it. Anyone can view but we still require that you spend some time as a community member before sharing your videos (we hate spammers). 
    • Videos must be from your own channel.  
    • Videos must be aquarium hobby related. 
    • The content of the videos must still follow other forum rules about swearing, nudity, flaming, etc. etc. We reserve the right to remove any video for any reason at all. 
    • YouTube rules for the rest of the forum remain the same. Outside of this special area videos can be shared to answer a specific question or to illustrate a question you are asking.
    Let's see what you got! 

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