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Gangetic Leaf Fish

Discussion in 'Oddballs' started by Davo86, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Davo86

    Davo86 Cichlids, Catfish and Oddballs

    Oct 1, 2007
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    Shropshire UK
    Common names: Gangetic Leaffish, Mottled Nandus, Mud Perch

    Scientific name: Nandus Nandus

    Origin: Southeast Asia; Burma, Thailand, India

    Family: Nandidae

    Max size: upto 8" (20cm) but usually smaller

    Care: Not too fussy on parameters IME but should be between pH 7-8 and Temp 73-81°F (23-27°C) Due to their large eventual size a 45G should be the minimum considered tank size (even though they are fairly slow growers) These fish appreciate a dim lit aquarium with densely planted areas, ideally with floating plants for them to hide amongst

    Feeding: At first will only accept live foods however mine will now both taken frozen prepared bloodworms and prawns, (one is even starting to taken the odd carnivorous pellet but I believe this is far from common),

    As far as live foods go they are not fussy and will hunt anything small enough that is seen moving in front of them, they will eat earthworms, Mealworms, bloodworm, brineshrimp, and any small fish that have the misfortune of being in the same tank.

    Breeding: Breeding is difficult and rarely accomplished successfully, Ph should be around 7 with a temp of around 26C, upto 300 eggs are scattered and hatch after just two days, The eggs are ignored by the parents with the fry needing to be raised on brineshrimp and bloodworm.

    Sexing: Not Easy, Males may have darker colours and slightly longer fins.


    For a leaf fish these can be fairly active fish and have lightning pace when hunting food, Their colours can change from a pale cream to a dark mottled brown in the blink of an eye,

    I have kept these for a while now and have had them in with a wide variety of tankmates, all of which i should add were larger than the nandus and posed no threat to them,

    It is a truly awesome sight to see a Nandus yawn; unfolding its mouth you can really appreciate that this is a fish that could easily catch hold of a fish the same size as itself.



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