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First Thread-And 125 gallon build

Discussion in 'Freshwater Journals' started by CarolinaFan, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. CarolinaFan

    CarolinaFan New Member

    Sep 12, 2017
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    I know some stuff about aquariums, and I needed some input on a stock, so here I am. Can someone tell me if this is ok?
    5 Clown Loach
    12 Tiger Barb
    1 Rainbow Shark
    14 bleeding heart tetra
    20 Harlequin Rasbora
    3 Opaline Gourami

  2. fluttermoth

    fluttermoth The current Mrs Treguard ;)
    Staff Member Moderator Global Moderator

    Sep 6, 2010
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    What are the dimensions of your tank, and is your water hard or soft?
  3. Byron

    Byron Member

    Feb 25, 2009
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    We do need the data requested by fluttermoth, but I will comment on a couple issues with the stocking regardless. Knowing the dimensions and parameters will allow us to suggest substitutes for those fish mentioned that will definitely not work together.

    First thing is Tiger Barbs. Sedate and or long-fin fish tend to inflame their fin nipping tendency. As well, barbs are active fish and this annoys sedate fish. Gourami are sedate fish, Bleeding Heart are more sedate than active, and rasbora are sedate.

    The clown loach need at minimum a 6-foot (180 cm) tank, but this is absolute minimum and 8 feet (240 cm) is recommended by most reliable sources. The Rainbow Shark is a better "shark" than the more aggressive Red Tail Shark, and can work with some loaches, so this is just a caution. Personally, I would leave it with a shoal of loaches. If the clown is out, there are some others equally interesting in their interactions (loaches are highly social fish) that we can suggest once we know the parameters.

    Opaline Gourami is the species Trichopodus trichopterus, which has several man-made varieties (Blue, Gold, Three-Spot, Cosby, Opaline, Marble...). This species is one of the nastier of the gourami, at least of those in this relative size range. Males like all gourami males are territorial, but even females of this species have been observed attacking and killing non-gourami species they took a dislike too. If you like gourami, and minus the Tiger Barbs, the Pearl would be a lovely choice. Depending upon those parameters. Rasbora are good with gourami...Bleeding Hearts probably but I have know aquarists who had BH that fin nipped sedate fish (angelfish, gourami) so that is a caution. My particular group did not seem problematic though I admit I did not entice them with angels or gourami.

  4. hobby5

    hobby5 Member

    Oct 1, 2013
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    Welcome to TFF!

    The tank size is borderline for the clown loaches. Also loaches don't work well with gouramis as one needs current and the other prefers calm waters.

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