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Demon fish

Discussion in 'Cichlids - Central and South American' started by CFC, May 4, 2004.

  1. CFC

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    Feb 8, 2003
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    Common name/s: Demon fish, Demon earth eater, Satans perch

    Scientific name: Satanoperca leucosticta, often wrongly named Geophagus jurapari

    Family: Cichlidae

    Origin: South America, Amazon basin

    Maximim size: 10"

    Care: The fish is best kept in small groups and so a large tank of at least 75 gallons is recomended. The fish sifts through the substrate continuously so a sand substrate should be used to prevent them from damaging their mouths, for this reason they are also not recomended for planted tanks where they can damage root systems. The fish does not do well in hard alkeline water so the pH should be kept below 7.5 with a hardness under 15 GH, keep the temperature between 24 and 26 centigrade (74-79f). Although not a aggressive fish they can be territorial especially against other earth eaters.

    Feeding:Live and frozen foods of all kinds are accepted.

    Sexing:Females are plumper, males have a longer and more pointed anal fin.

    Breeding: Rare but can be done, the species is a mouth brooder.

    Comments:Unlike african mouth brooders the fish only begin mouth brooding after the fry have hatched. The fish does not tolerate temperature drops well so care should be taken when doing water changes.


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  2. daz30347

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    Nov 28, 2010
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    Daemon and leucostica are 2 different species!

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