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Discussion in 'Household pets' started by GobyMaster11276, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. GobyMaster11276

    GobyMaster11276 Fish Fanatic

    Jan 11, 2017
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    I love cats just as much as dogs and fish. In fact I've got three, all rescue cats. These consist of a 15yo long hair black and brown male called Mitch, a short hair ginger male called Momo, and a 1.5yo, long hair female tortoiseshell named Maya. They all have well defined personalities and interests; Mitch is very grumpy and goes off on long walks, but always comes back in time for food. Momo loves pats, is quite vocal, sheds a lot and doesn't eat all that much (unless it's meat that we would eat). Maya is the only one who is always in the mood to play, will happily eat everyone's food and has a habit of pooing in strange places (like right inside a shoe).

    Well that's enough about my little fluffballs. I'd love to hear about your cats. I will try to get pictures of mine soon for you all to see.

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