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Brown Stringy Stuff on Filter Intake

Discussion in 'Algae Removal' started by Sege, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Sege

    Sege New Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Hi. I'm still new to the aquarium hobby and I recently bought a bottle of Tetra Safe Start hoping it would help startup the nitrogen cycle before I add any fish to my 10 gallon. Today is the fifth day since adding Safe Start, an I'm noticing that there is light brown stringy material attached to the water intake of my TopFin10 filter and a few rocks.
    Any suggestions as to what this stuff might be? My guess is that it is Brown Hair Algae, because it looks like hair lol. (Trying to sound smart.) Should I be trying to get rid of it? Is it bad? SHOULD I BE CONCERNED. :nerd:
    I am really not familiar with algae, and I do not even know if it is algae. And if you think it is, are there any methods on how to get rid of it? It's just starting to form a clump over a few of my decorations and filter so at this point I would be able to scratch it off with my fingers over the sink, but I don't want it to continue to build up if it is bad.
    Are there any methods as to how to begin the formation of good algae if this stuff is bad?
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    ~Sege :fish:


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