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Boraras Brigittae

Discussion in 'Cyprinids' started by Liam, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Liam

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    Jun 13, 2006
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    Scentific name: Boraras brigittae

    Common Names:
    Brigitte Rasbora, micro rasbora Brigitte, dwarf redfin rasbora.


    Origin: Indonesia, Sumatra

    Maximum size: 3.5 cm/1 ¼â€￾

    Care: Being very small fish they are happiest kept with other small fish even an adult female guppy is enough to spook them. In a well-planted tank with lots of shelter they do fine as community fish keeping mostly to the upper levels of the tank. I keep them with nothing larger than blue rams. They are lively active and stunning little fish. They are best kept in a group of at least six. They prefer soft acidic water but I have kept them in medium hard water with a ph of 7 at 24C for more than a year. They could be kept in nano tanks of less than five gallons, but to ensure good water quality and plenty of swimming room I personally would prefer a tank of over five gallons. As with any small fish or fry the filter inlet may need to be covered with net if it is big enough to let them through.

    Feeding: They readily accept crushed flakes and small live foods such as small daphnia, or small mosquito larvae, most bloodworm is too large for them, hakari micro pellets are the perfect size for them. They also seem to eat some algae.

    Sexing: Males are more intensely coloured and thinner bodied than females. The more dominant males show the most intense colour.

    Breeding: I haven’t raised any fry to maturity as they get eaten in the community tank. The fish spawn regularly in the morning, the eggs are usually stuck on the underside of plants. The fry grow well on the tanks micro food hiding among dense vegetation.

    Average size cardinal with adult brigitte
    speciesp.jpg speciesp__2_.jpg


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