Whitish cobwebby filaments on decor, fuzzy wallpaper on glass


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May 3, 2019
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Nowthen, MN
My quarantine tank looks a little bit like my house
It developed some white filament thready things that looked like cobwebs about a week ago. I took a pipe cleaner and tried my best to remove by wrapping them around the cleaner. Now there's some fuzzy stuff growing on the walls and other flat surfaces that started out white but now looks more green. I attached a photo of the fuzzy walls but don't have a pic of the white filaments. Hope that helps.

Anyway, I have no fish in the quarantine tank. The 5.5g tank is cycled with an AQ 20 HOB and a heater. 1-2x per week I add a small amount of fish food to keep the cycle going and an occasional squirt of ThriveC (maybe every 10 days?). The water readings on Sept 24 were 8.4 pH (usually it's about 8.2), 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 5 nitrates. About 2 weeks ago, I switched from an Aqueon 100533613 to a Nicrew HL3040 lite on the tank. It was after the light change that things started to grow. But likely, it's the user of the lite, not the lite causing the issues.

I've been using the tank to quarantine plants as they come in. I put the plants in the quarantine tank for 1-2 weeks, then move them over to the my stocked tanks (a 29g with an oranda, bn pleco, & mystgery snail and a 15gal with a betta, 6 rasboras and a nirite).

So my questions are these:
  1. What is this stuff that has started growing?
  2. Should I completely strip the tank and start over?
  3. Can I clean the plants currently in the quarantine tank so I can move them to one of the stocked tanks? Or are they a loss?

Advice appreciated.



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