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Walking Catfish

M.R Otter

May 13, 2009
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U.A.E-in the city of Dubai.
Common name: walking catfish
Scientific name:Clarias batrachus
Origin: southeast Asia
Diet: In the wild it feeds on smaller fish, mollusks, invertebrates and weeds. In captivity it is usually fed blood worms, tablets and catfish sticks.

Care: the walking catfish is quit easy to keep and to look after. It is also available in different color forms as well, the walking catfish is an active and lively catfish that grows to about 30 cm (almost a foot). This fish can live in a wide range of conditions as it known to live in stagnant, frequently hypoxic waters, and are often found in muddy ponds, canals, ditches and similar habitats. They take temperatures ranging from 10-28 C.

Sexing: telling the genders apart is not an easy matter... Venting could be the solution.

Breeding: The male would begin to harras the female after a large water change by chasing and rubbing his head near her anal fin and then along her body as the courting progressed. The male would then wrap his anal fin around the females anal fin and shake vigorously. The eggs will hatch in 36 hours, and the fry will feed on Artemia.