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We have 5 awesome tanks entered in Fishforums' February 2023 Tank of the Month contest featuring tanks sized at 31 US gallons and larger.. View all the tanks and descriptions below and then go to poll at the top of this thread, click on your choice for TOTM, and then click the "Cast" button.

Please DO NOT post any comments about any specific entry in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted. You are not allowed to update your entry picture or video once voting has started.

Please Note:
Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

Winner will be awarded a neat "Tank of the Month Winner" banner in his profile area and will be featured in a "TOTM Winner" thread for all to see and to comment on. Winner will also be added to our TOTM WALL OF FAME

You are allowed to change your vote if you wish.
This poll will end on February 13th at 4:00 PM ET (US)
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Sep 25, 2022
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Council Bluffs, Iowa

75 Gallon Freshwater Planted Tank
February 2023 TOTM Entry

This 75 gallon tank has been set up for 6 months and is stocked with the following:

5 dwarf blue gouramis
7 candy cane tetra
15 green neon
2 blood parrot cichlids
3 discus
1 angelfish
1 red-tail shark
2 orange apistogrammas (name?)
1 lemon bristlenose pleco
1 orange/red long finned bristle nose pleco
6 Amano shrimp
2 vampire shrimp
1 red (thai?) Crab
1 mystery snail
1 rabbit snail

Plants (sorry I don't know ALL names for sure, but I think I have the following):

Val (tall grass in background)
Amazon sword
Cryps (? not sure)
Little plant (in front of rock in middle area of foreground, I don't know name)
Water lettuce for floating plant

We use a combination of fertilizers such as easy green, flourish, and root tabs as needed. We do not currently use Co2. As far as the system, we have a fluval 407 cannister filter, and that is it right now (I am going to add a bubbler or sponge filter for extra o2 just because that gives me more peace of mind, but haven't yet). I'm not sure what kind of light I have, it seems to be a generic led light system (dont see a name on it anywhere). Planning to upgrade the lights soon, because these aren't programmable and we manually turn them on and off daily.

Our water parameters (tested just now), are: pH 6.5, ammonia <0.25ppm but not 0 (we added 2 blood parrots to tank recently so I think the biological filter hasn't quite caught up yet), nitrites 0, nitrates approx 30ppm. We keep the temperature at 82 degrees fahrenheit.
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Oct 3, 2022
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Ill have a go.

Fluval Roma 200 Freshwater Planted Tank. 200 litres.
February 2023 TOTM Entry

Aquarium has been set up about 5 years. Cabinet was the first piece of furniture in our new house.

Fish include
3 angelfish, 2 of which are paired up but terrible parents.
Cardinal tetras, 10 to 15.
Red phantom tetras, and a couple of black phantom tetras left over from a school i had way back.
Silvertip tetras, bought to keep the wife happy as she wanted something red.
Zebra danios that where the first fish in the tank. A few of them are from that original school.
And a horde of panda cory that breed like rabbits. I cant find new homes for them quicker than new ones appear. No idea how many there are. Too many.
There are some otos temporarily in there from another tank while i decide long term future of the other tank.
A few nerite snails as well.

Plants include
2 amazon swords.
A few bunches of java fern and a patch of java moss.
A crypt on the left side.
Some water hyssop back left and front right.
An anubias i saved from being lunch for an apple snail in another tank.

Aquascape. Gravel and sand kind of mixed up. Couple of pieces of driftwood on each side. Some dragon stone scattered about the tank. Mostly all hidden by the plants though.

Stock filter upgraded to fluval 406. Stock sponges and biohome biomedia. No chemical media.
Stock light upgraded to fluval aquasky.
Stock heater was great but packed up a couple of years back. New heater is a JBL S200 that is OK'ish.

Water parameters.
Not seen any ammonia or nitrite since fishless cycle was completed a couple of months after set up. Nitrate is on the high side, but the plants like that. Temperature is around 25c.

Big water change every week. 50 to 75%.
Prime is my water conditioner of choice.
Gets a weekly dose of seachem flourish.
Every month alternating fortnights, gravel vac and the filter gets some attention. Rinse out media, clean down impeller, impeller shaft and impeller cap.
Annually replace filter impeller, impeller shaft, impeller cap and o ring. Rinse out hoses.

Plans going forward. I want to thin out the small tetras, probably just keep the cardinals. Reduce the number of corys as its getting ridiculous. Most will go to LFS for credit when i get round to it. I really fancy congo tetras so ill give them a go over the next 12 months.
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Oct 13, 2020
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Hi everyone here is my 260l tank that has been setup for 3 years, the substrate is amazonia capped with pool filter sand, the hardscape is used as a retaining wall to keep alot of the soil to the back of the tank.
equipment: the tank is lit with a zetlight 120 led, which is balanced on my water change tray and the top of an auto feeder. The tank has a wave maker to give increased flow, filtration is provided by a Dophin 1000, filled all the way with biomedia. I dont have a heater on the tank as daily temps in summer are almost alway over 30c. the tank used to have CO2 but has been running without it for 3 months.
Maintenance: I try to do a 50% water change every week, and I will trim once a month, when I trim I will also scrape any algae. I dose the tank with an all in one fert once a day.
3 angel fish, of various colours, one always hides in the thicker plants at the back.
4 Siamese fighter females with various basic colours.
12 silver tip tetras.
8 widow tetra.
2 Siamese algae eaters.
1 albino bristlenose.
5 otto's.
and an unknown number cory's.
also a few snails.
Water parameters:
KH:0 I tend to dose a tiny bit when doing water changes
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Dec 1, 2021
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Ok I'll give it a go.
This is my new Juwel 240 ltr tank that has replaced my old 200ltr tall one (this one gives me an extra 40cm in width which is great.)

I have painted the back black and removed the internal filter.

It has been setup for about 2 months now i guess with most things being bought over from the old tank.
The old one only had pea gravel in it so it have moved that over and capped it with sand. Scattered some API root tabs through out it.

The hardscape wood is from a dead tree i cut down in our front lawn for this very reason.

Water changes are 60ltrs every week. Filter gets looked at once every 3-4 months.

It is a low tech setup and i put 20mls of API leaf zone in after the water change.

Lighting is currently the factory unit with Nature and Day LED bulbs in, timing is currently 10 hours a day but i'm still tweaking this as getting a little bit of hair algae.

Planting is Java ferns, Anubius, Amazon Sword, crpyts, ambulia, Aponogeton undulatus, ludwigia, water wysteria, water sprite and some rotala

Stocking is 1 3 spot gourami, 11 venuzialian corys and a heap of male fancy guppies (I have another tank with females in and taking the boys out when they can be identified.) Ramshorn snails.
I want to change out the guppies for a nice school of Harliquin Resboras (maybe 40) in the future.
Feeding is once a day with a mix of flakes and sinking granuals.

Filter is a Aqua One Aquis Series 2 1250 with a spray bar pushing it from left to right.

Its just had a trim so some of the plants are still coming back in.
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Aug 27, 2022
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Ohio, USA

Here is my 55 gallon fake planted tank. We have such hard water, I have never attempted live plants. The fish don't seem to mind though. It has been running with fish for about 7 months after a 2 month fishless cycle. I do 50% water changes every 2 weeks. Ammonia and nitrites are always 0 ppm, nitrates usually 5-10 ppm when tested every week. With lower nitrates and our higher ph and hard water, I don't feel the need to do weekly changes. The filter gets cleaned every two weeks and gravel vacuumed every 2-4 weeks. I have an Aquaclear 70 for filtration with the flow turned down. It is too strong on full flow for the smaller fish. For aeration I have a Hitop 110gph pump with a bubble ring. Some of the fish like to swim through the ring and float to the top or stay in the center for awhile. The temperature of the tank is 79°F.
The fish in the tank are:
6 Serpae tetras
5 Silver tipped tetras
4 Mollies
3 Green lantern platys
1 Kribensis
3 Nerite snails
2 Mystery snails
5 Corydoras
And a bristle nose pleco
They get fed a combination of Omega One tropical flakes, New Life Spectrum Thera+A pellets, Bug Bites and occasional New Life Spectrum algaemax wafers.
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