Trying To Get My Bristlenose Out Into The Big Wide Tank Pet of the Month
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Feb 24, 2006
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hey people ive just brought a new 2.5" bristlenose from my LFS to replace the >1" baby i brought and lost about 2 months ago.
i know that they are mostly nocturnal but my tank is quite heavly planted, and was wondering if thers a way to get him (deffinintly male) out into the tank abit more,
maybe hes still settling in as hes only been in for 2 days
also how do you guys feed your plec cucumber? ive cut it into wedges and strung it on a plant weight,
what else can i feed a bristlenose?

atm it can befound ether hanging upside down against a peice of bogwood or in one of the holes in my rock orderment (sp)
Give it time and it will come out. I also have a heavily planted tank and didn't see my Bristlenose plecs for ages. Now though, they spend a fair bit of time out and about especially stuck to the front of my tank!
As for feeding I give mine cucumber and algae wafers. I sometimes feed my fish bloodworm and daphnia which the plecs hoover up as soon as it hits the bottom.
thanks and i managed to get it to eat some cucumber and algae waffer ^^ thanks for the reply now i just need to get some more bogwood/cave aquivelent
bns love courgette
peas are good once a week for their digestion. boil for couple of mins, deshell chop up a bit put in tank
I prefer courgette to cucumber, cucumber's a bit empty goodness wise, if you get me. It is also the only thing guaranteed to get my BNs to come out, so might be worth a try lol ;) Good luck!
I weighted some cucumber down the other day and the BN along with most of the inhabitants of the tank had a go at munching it. I put 6 x defrosted uncooked peas (de-shelled and split in two) one evening recently and they were all gone by morning - my BN is very active during the evening - he also enjoys the pellets designed for bottom feeders, my Cory's and 2 x albino sucking loach also devour them - in fact ALL my fish enjoy them.
If it hasn't come out in the 11 months since this was first posted - I think its safe to say he likes it there and is in there for the long haul :D :D
it's goodto see people using the 'search' facility..... but the downside is that old threads get unearthed like this one !!! :lol:

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