Tropiquarium 88 (~3Ft) Free


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Jan 23, 2006
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Equipment make/model/size: 130l tank. TropiQuarium 88.
Quantity for sale:1
Reason for Sale: Lost interest in hobby.
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Location: Luton/Dunstable - Bedfordshire
Photograph: See below
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  • This is an old TropiQuarium 88. It's well used, the glass on the inside has many small, and some deeper, scratches and minor marks.
  • There are no leaks.
  • There is a timer built into the hood which I have rigged to use a mains adapter, instead of batteries.
  • The hood is almost completely ruined on the inside (and well stained on the outside). The housing around the light bulbs, which haven't been replaced in years, is crumbling to pieces. If you take this off my hands, I'd recommend scrapping the hood completely.
  • The hood also has a heater rigged into it, so the lights and the heater are powered by a single plug, but can be removed if needed.
  • Most parts of the unit are limescaled to some extent due to the local hard water.
  • It also comes with the stand/cupboard unit, which has some of it's finish chipped off lightly in some places, and is missing a handle on one of the two doors.

All in all, this is an old tank in a bit of a sorry state, if anybody wants to take it off my hands to use it as a breeding tank hidden away in a garage and the like, please do so. This thing is eating up space in my bedroom, it really needs to go!

Pictures will be added later.