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Nov 6, 2009
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I assume you have added me because you are after some mature media, as you cannot PM yet email me @ I will reply (Prob Tomorrow now :lol:) with my mobile number so you can give me a call about getting some media. :good:


Hey and yes in a way I did, thanks for replying :) Also it was because you are in Devon and having only lived in Devon myself for 3 years, someone reasonably local with some experience would be helpful when it comes to knowing where to go for what if you see what I mean? Thanks again for replying, I'll email you in the morning! :D

The forum is set to only allow a PM after a person has at least 10 posts. That is not intended to interfere with a true participant making a post. Instead it is intended to stop spammers from just randomly sending people PMs right after they sign in. After a typical spammer gets on the forum, it happens too often, we usually pick up on it after they have made only one or two posts and ban them. At least we can keep them from bothering everyone with PMs as well. Why not have a look around and answer somebody's question AquaBaz. One simple post on any subject and you will be able to PM people when you think you should.

Guess that random post would be this one? B-) I can understand the policy, might have to look into incorporating it onto my gaming clans website! Might help. Good idea. Cheers for the info though OldMan. Not sure if I would be able to answer someones questions just yet though! I have some knowledge but only what I've read on here/online/in books! So nothing based on experience. Unless it's PC computers/games and then I'm hot stuff! :hey:

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